Fortnite Battle Royale v25.10 Update: Covertly Approach Prey with the Cloak Gauntlets!

The Fortnite Team

If the Wilds and mud weren’t camouflage enough, how about reflective Kinetic Ore? In Fortnite Battle Royale v25.10, activate the new Cloak Gauntlets to become practically invisible! Looking to find nearby enemies? Use the unvaulted Flare Gun to torch your opponents’ structures. Plus, show off new looks with Chapter 4 Season 3’s Super Level Styles!

You “Kinet” See Me

Embrace stealth by equipping Cloak Gauntlets, made with reflective Kinetic Ore. Cloak Gauntlets allow you to blend near-seamlessly with your surroundings, and can be obtained from the ground and Chests. You’ll be covered in Kinetic Ore for a limited time before the gauntlets enter a cooldown, but because the gauntlets possess unlimited charges, you can cloak yourself again and again!

Fortnite BR Cloak Gauntlets

Though you're unable to attack while using Cloak Gauntlets to cover yourself, you can end your cover early by unequipping the gauntlets or swapping to another item in your inventory.

Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets

Wildguard Relik has emerged in the jungle. Defeat this boss and Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets will be yours for the taking! With this Mythic version of the gauntlets, you’ll be able to cover yourself in reflective Kinetic Ore longer, with a shorter cooldown. 

Fortnite Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets

Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle

The MK-Alpha Assault Rifle —  a fully automatic assault rifle with an attached red-dot sight — debuted last week. And now a Mythic version is on the Island: upon defeat, not only will Wildguard Relik drop his Cloak Gauntlets, but he’ll also drop Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle! Pick up this Mythic weapon to pack a whole lot of power.

Fortnite Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle

Make the Heat of Battle Hotter

As if the jungle climate wasn’t already hot, the Flare Gun has been unvaulted! Use the Flare Gun to start a spreading fire on enemies’ structures. Don't wanna face the heat of somebody else's Flare Gun? Cover yourself in mud to avoid being marked! 

Fortnite Flare Gun

You can find Flare Guns from the ground as well as Chests.

Shockwave Grenades in Zero Build

Shockwave Grenades have been unvaulted in Zero Build, findable from the ground and Chests.

Reality: Augmented and Wilder

Two new Reality Augments make their debut in v25.10! Augment your reality with:

Mud Warrior

Fortnite Mud Warrior Reality Augment

While in mud or covered in it, you’ll regenerate Health and Shield.

SMG Extended Mag

Fortnite SMG Extended Mag Reality Augment

Your SMGs will have increased magazine size.

Also, the Tracker’s Armory Reality Augment is unvaulted. Activate this Reality Augment to get a Flare Gun instantly (and of course a Shadow Tracker!).

Note: This Season, as new Reality Augments debut and previous ones are unvaulted, they will be immediately unlocked.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Chickens and Sky Jellies have been vaulted.

  • The population of wolves and that of boars have been reduced.

  • The frequency of fishing spots has been reduced.

Rank Reset

As announced previously in our recent Ranked blog post, we have reset everyone’s ranks for Battle Royale and Zero Build in v25.10 as part of Ranked Season Zero. This is a planned test of resetting ranks before the launch of Chapter 4 Season 4 Ranked.

Your Ranked Urgent Quest completion in Season Zero has not been reset. However, the appearance of your Burn Bright Emote may be updated to reflect your new Battle Royale or Zero Build rank. Your ranks at the time of the reset helped determine your v25.10 ranks, just as would happen in a turnover between Ranked Seasons.

Chapter 4 Season 3 Super Level Styles

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3 Super Level Styles

Look stylish, look scorchin’. In the Bonus Rewards section of the Battle Pass tab, bonus Styles for Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass rewards have been available for players who progress past Level 100. With v25.10, Chapter 4 Season 3’s Super Level Styles have been added as bonus rewards!

The Super Level Styles this Season? Progress past Level 125 during Chapter 4 Season 3 and start unlocking the Wildscorch, Confetti Claw, and Regal Hunter Styles for the Mariposa, Rian, Lorenzo, Relik, and Trace Outfits.

Competitive Notes

Please note that Wildguard Relik, Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets, and Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle are currently not included in tournaments.

Also, ICYMI: In Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3, your rank will, among other factors, be an eligibility requirement for Epic-hosted tournaments. This includes tournaments for cosmetic prizes like FNCS Community Cups, as well as tournaments for cash prizes such as the Console Champions Cup. You can find the specific rank requirement for some of the tournaments happening this Season below or in the official rules for that tournament.


Rank Requirement

FNCS Community Cup

Bronze I in Ranked Battle Royale

Duos Fill Cup

Silver I in Ranked Battle Royale

Zero Build Duos Fill Cup

Silver I in Ranked Zero Build

Solo Victory Cash Cup

Gold I in Ranked Battle Royale

Zero Build Duos Victory Cash Cup

Gold I in Ranked Zero Build

Duos Cash Cup

Gold I in Ranked Battle Royale

Console Champions Cup

Platinum I in Ranked Battle Royale

FNCS Major 3

Platinum I in Ranked Battle Royale

Additionally, as a reminder, please report any suspicious activity during a tournament in our official Tournament Support Discord and through the in-game reporting tools. You can also use this Discord server to report any tournament issues or bugs experienced during tournament gameplay.