Fortnite Battle Royale v25.11 June 29 Hotfix: Rule the Jungle with the Sharp Tooth Shotgun

The Fortnite Team

The jungle is full of many hidden dangers. Luckily the v25.11 June 29 hotfix introduces a weapon capable of taking down prey at a distance: the Sharp Tooth Shotgun!

Paleontologists Prefer the Sharp Tooth Shotgun

Fortnite Sharp Tooth Shotgun

With a more extended range and smaller spread than the standard Pump Shotgun, the Sharp Tooth Shotgun is the perfect weapon for stalking your sneakiest foes. You’ll become an unstoppable Mesozoic machine with this in your arsenal, especially while riding atop one of the wild raptors roaming around Rumble Ruins and Creeky Compound. Claim your spot as leader of the jungle!
So where can you load up on prehistoric heat? This Pump Shotgun can be found from many sources: the ground, regular and Rare Chests, Holo-Chests, fishing spots, claiming a POI, or by shooting down flying drones.

Kinetic Boomerang Vault

With the release of the v25.11 June 29 hotfix, the Kinetic Boomerang has been vaulted.