Fortnite Creative Callout - Puzzles and Platformers

The Fortnite Team
2021 is looking like a great year for the Creative community. We’ve already seen new games and genres break into the top charts while many classics stay strong and popular. But now, we're going way back to what was hot and trendy when Creative originally released: puzzles and platforming.

If you’re a fan of Deathrun, Puzzle or Adventure games, now is your moment!  For this particular callout, we’re encouraging all creators to set their game in exciting and adventurous locations, like a snowtop retreat, island ruins, or creepy caves. If your game is fun, imaginative, and fits the genre requirements described above, it could be selected as a Featured Island in the Creative Hub!

Here are some well designed games from the community that may inspire you:

100 LEVEL BIOMES COLLIDE (Deathrun) - 6276-7135-4861
by Charlee-Brown

Fortnite Creative Deathrun Codes

ESCAPE THE ANCIENT RUINS (Puzzle) - 2105-4880-7093
by Dimensionaldrake

THE CRYSTALS OF GEFILDE (Adventure) - 1861-9555-5798
by Dummblond

Fortnite Adventure Maps for Creative