Fortnite Creative Community Event Featuring Artistic Maps

The Fortnite team

Hey Creators,

The latest community event is here! This month, we’re looking to highlight artistically themed maps. Send us your original, most aesthetically pleasing maps for a chance to be featured. You can submit a map you’ve already created or one that’s brand new. The most important thing to remember is it should be your own original content, so no maps inspired by existing movies, video games, or other entertainment IPs will be accepted. We want to see your unique creations. Gameplay is not a requirement, but interactive ways to experience and view your island can help make the artistic piece feel more alive.The Primitive Gallery is a great place to start.

How to Submit Your Fortnite Creative Map

All in-game content should be submitted to the official form for consideration by September 22. Select the genre picklist option “Seasonal Event” for your Island to be considered, and don’t forget to set up a camera in your map so players have a preview before jumping in-game. 

Artistically themed maps can be shared on the Creative Discord and the Creative Subreddit. You can also share images or videos of your maps with us using #FortniteCreativeArt on Twitter. 

We’ve already seen a couple of great examples of what we’re looking for from those of you who share your creations on Twitter.



We’re excited to see what you’re inspired to create!