Fortnite Creative - New Year, New Games

The Fortnite Team

Hey Creators!

Let’s kickoff 2021 in an extraordinary way with our biggest callout yet. This time, we’re asking  for your help creating games that will define entirely new genres in Creative. You have the opportunity to make an impact in defining the game mode you love so much and receive an extended period of featuring in the Hub.

We’re challenging you to create Sandbox RPG, Social Simulation, Survival, Job Simulation, Social Deduction, and Tycoon games. We understand there are limitations in Creative and making these games won’t come out perfectly. We’re most interested in the level of detail, art quality, consistency, and complexity of game mechanics. If we don’t get any submission that meets our standards for a specific genre, we will wait to feature one until we do. We’ve provided a short detailed description of each genre below.

Got an idea for a tool or device that can take these games to the next level? Join our discord to let us now!

Open World Action-Adventure

A game with gameplay elements that allow players a greater level of creativity in order to accomplish the game’s main goal. More info.

Social Simulation

Social simulation games are a subgenre of life simulation games that explore social interactions between multiple artificial lives. More info.


Session survival games are hostile, intense, open-world environments. Players generally begin with minimal equipment and are required to survive for a timed session length by crafting tools, weapons, shelters, and collecting resources. More info.

Job Simulation

Job simulation games are a subgenre of life simulation games that simulate what are seemingly ordinary jobs. More info.

Social Deduction

Games that reflect being human and gameplay that involves making assumptions about the intentions and behavior of others. More info.


Tycoons are known as economic simulation games or business games and focus on the one time play session management of economic processes, usually in the form of a business. More info.

How To Submit Your Game For Consideration

All in-game content should be submitted to the official form for consideration by January 18. Select the genre picklist option “Seasonal Event” for your Island to be considered, and don’t forget to set up a camera in your Island so players have a preview before jumping in-game.

Let’s make 2021 our year!