Fortnite Creative v21.00 Update: Physics Trees, Boulders + more!

Fortnite Creative v21.00 Update: Physics Trees, Boulders, Reality Nature Props + more!

The Fortnite Team

A New Season has arrived and brings new items, new props, the Level Instance device, and a new, easy way for players to support creators by liking your Island


New Items

Physics Trees

Trees that fall, roll, and cause damage! These trees can damage players, vehicles, and buildings – Timber! 

Fortnite Physics Tree


Physics Boulders

We introduce to you three new physics boulders! Create traps with Trap boulders that will be stationary until triggered, use the new Balance boulders in a map to create tactical enemy eliminations, or place Physics boulders that can sink (or be used for resources)! Time to get those maps rocking.

Fortnite Physics Boulder

Like This Island!

It is now easier than ever for players to tell us when they enjoy an island! With 21.00 we've added functionality to the UI that will allow players to give a thumbs up to an island on exit. This gives players a quick and easy way to tell us which islands they loved without adding them to a Favorites list. This feature is rolling out as a test. During this testing phase, creators will not be able to see how many likes their Island has received.  

Other Updates and changes

  • The Island thermometer has been unified so the same system will be used for small and larger islands! The selection tool that now replaces the old hovering mechanism will inform creators about the saved memory cost of removing the selected item. 

  • The level Instance device has been released. This device will make it simple to create your own prefabs! Read more in the Level Instance Device document here


Prefab & Gallery Updates


Fortnite Reality Nature Gallery
  • Reality Nature Gallery featuring assets from the New Vibin Season.

Fortnite Festival Gallery

  • Festival Gallery features Japanese styled props

Fortnite Bamboo Gallery

  • Bamboo Gallery features bamboo clusters similar to tall grass


Prefab & Gallery Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with stair assets
  • Fixed some alignment issues when moving multi-selected assets.
  • Fixed some grammatical issues in descriptions of prefabs & galleries.

Device Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with devices being able to be placed outside of the safe volume
  • Fixed some issues with memory 
  • Fixed an issue where devices are duplicated when set to invisible.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Prop Mover.
  • Fixed an issue where debug text would appear in the kill feed on another island when being eliminated by a Sentry Device.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing rods were sinking when cast into the Water Device.


Island Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where players could leave their creative island volume 
  • Fixed an issue where creative island owners would lose permissions to their own islands.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Car Racing Template


Gameplay Fixes

  • A bug was fixed for some cases of rubber banding
  • Fixed an issue with UI on vending machines
  • Fixed an issue where the pickaxe would not damage players in Creative minigames.
  • Fixed server crashes after resetting island in Creative.
  • Made various improvements to the device thermometer.
  • Fixed an issue with the Helicopter not having a ‘Vehicle Health’ setting in Creative.
  • Fixed a handful of performance-related issues.