Fortnite Creative v21.30 Update

Fortnite Creative v21.30 Update

The Fortnite Team

The v21.30 update brings the new Player Marker device, the Prime Shotgun from Battle Royale, as well as new Galleries such as the Deserted Fortress collection, the Waterfall Gallery and the Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery. There are hundreds of new icons that can be used with devices like the Accolade, Tracker, and Beacon devices. Plus UI improvements, bug fixes, and more!

Hub Changes

In case you missed it, in v21.20 we introduced a new Hub layout that focuses on giving you a place to showcase the community’s artistic skills. To accomplish this, we have removed matchmaking portals and featured rifts. Instead, up to 8 Golden Rifts will be available to creator groups in the hub (one for each person in your party). There is also one Creator Showcase map selected by the Hub creator. You can also continue playing in private parties by using the Matchmaking Portal Console for the Creator Showcase map.

Player Marker

Fortnite Player Marker Device

With the Player Marker device, you can create a marker that will display information about a player on their nameplate, specifically their Health, Shield, resources, and how far away they are on the island. You can also add an icon and customized text to your marker. Markers are visible on both the main map and the mini-map.

Note: The Player Marker is not visible unless a player has a nameplate attached to their player. If you don't see the additional information when testing your island, make sure you have nameplates turned on. You can do that by going to My Island > Settings and scroll down to the Always Show Nameplates setting. Set it to Always Show to All or Always Show to Team.

Battle Royale Item: Prime Shotgun

Fortnite Prime Shotgun

The Prime Shotgun is a unique shotgun that rewards players who frequently reload. This shotgun deals bonus damage when firing with a full clip! Reload that first round over and over to maximize your damage.

New Prop Galleries

With the new Waterfall Gallery, you can add waterfalls to your islands! Plus, the new Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery gives you options to create an interesting Cuddle Team-themed area.

Waterfall Gallery

Fortnite Waterfall Gallery

Waterfalls are finally here! You have a selection of waterfall shapes and sizes to place on your islands.

Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery

Fortnite Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery

Make your island into a Cuddle Team haven with the Cuddle Tree.


UI Changes and Other Features

The Tracker device now supports new Quest Icon and Color options! The objectives displayed in the HUD have a new visual style too. Choose from hundreds of icons to find just the right image for your quests, and make each quest banner a different color to help players easily identify them.


Other Updates and Fixes

Prefab and Gallery Updates

  • Added Creative-exclusive assets making up Deserted Fortress, which features one Prefab and three Galleries.
    • Deserted Fortress Prefab
    • Deserted Fortress Floor & Stair Gallery
    • Deserted Fortress Wall Gallery
    • Deserted Fortress Prop Gallery
  • Added the Waterfall Gallery.
  • Added the Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery.

Device Updates

  • You can now use the Search bar in the Color Picker and Icon Picker, to search for a color or icon by name. Any color that does not have a name is now associated with its Hex Code representation.
  • The Icon Library has been expanded with an additional 274 icons! This will affect the following devices:
    • Accolade device
    • Ball Spawner device
    • Beacon device
    • Capture Area device
    • Explosive device
    • Map Indicator device
    • Objective Item Gallery
    • Player Counter device
    • Player Marker device
    • Tracker device
  • A new Do Not Despawn option has been added to the Creature Spawner and Creature Placer devices. With this option set to On, creatures won't get despawned when they get too far from the device.  

Prefab and Gallery Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where individual assets from the Iridescent Mountains Gallery could not be placed from the opened Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where some assets from the Sports Gallery did not have destruction VFX.
  • Corrected some text and spelling errors in the Creative UI.

Device Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would be pushed through the Prop Manipulator device when moving near it.
  • Fixed an issue where channels were resetting on the Button device.
  • Fixed an issue with the Video Player device not playing videos in certain situations.
  • Fixed a memory issue with Item Spawners.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not place vehicles inside the Skydome Volume device.
  • Fixed an issue with the Color Picker's Search box in the Skydome Volume device Customize panel.
  • Fixed an issue involving the Campfire device extinguishing itself without receiving an extinguish signal.