Fortnite Creative v22.40 Update

Fortnite Creative v22.40 Update

The Fortnite Team

The v22.40 update brings the Class Selector UI and D-Launcher devices for creators, as well as the Dial-A-Drop and Grapple Glider items to include in your experiences. Additionally, this update contains the Big Battle mode to create in your own Battle Royale Island, plus other updates and bug fixes.

Class Selector UI Device

Class Selector Ui Device
The Class Selector UI device can create both a popup dialog and a new tab on the game's Map screen, displaying a list of classes players can choose from. You can have players choose a class when they spawn at the beginning of the game, or you can allow players to change their class during the game. By customizing device options, you can allow players to change their class by opening the Map screen and selecting a new class, or you can set a channel option to open the popup dialog during the game.


D Launcher
Three new D-Launcher devices are now available:
  • D-Launcher (Standard)

  • D-Launcher (Primal)

  • D-Launcher (Invasion)

Adjust the launch speed and angle of D-Launchers to customize a unique trajectory for each one!

Dial-A-Drop Consumable

Players can use this item to call in a Health Drop, Supply Drop, or Vehicle Drop at their location. There is a limit of five Vehicle Drops per island experience. This count is displayed in the UI and will display "Unavailable" when the limit is reached.

Grapple Glider

Grapple Glider Item

Place this item on your island and give players the ability to make a swift getaway! They can aim at a hard surface, pull themselves up, and then deploy their Glider to travel to safe territory.

Big Battle

Introducing a new mode: Big Battle! You can jump into the Epic-made version of this mode from the Discover screen. But you can also create a “Big Battle” yourself using the new Battle Royale Island tools available in Creative! In this mode, two teams of 40 players are provided with a standardized loadout and launched into action as soon as the match starts, with the first phase of the Storm already completed. The Storm moves quickly, and the rarity for loot in the item pool is set to Rare or higher. Try out this action-packed Zero Build, large team mode on your own Battle Royale Island.

Other Updates

Gallery Updates

  • New: Added the FNCS Trophy Prop Gallery.

Island Template Updates

  • New: Design an Escape Room island template! Learn how to set up clues with the Button device for players to break out of locked rooms.

Octane Updates

  • We have improved the Octane’s audio visualizer icon for better readability.
  • We have improved collision consistency between Octane, other vehicles, and terrain.
  • Octane now supports driving forward and backwards with a controller's left stick, like other spawned vehicles in Creative. This can be disabled using the Accelerate with Thumbstick option in the Customize panel for the Octane Spawner device.
  • Octane can now briefly drive while in water, like other spawned vehicles.
  • Octane will now slide down walls if the player is not accelerating, mirroring its functionality in Rocket League.

Bug Fixes

Prefab & Gallery Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where items from the Collectibles Gallery were moved far from their location when they were multi-selected together.

Event Binding Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the direct event binding system where copying or moving a device sometimes added random events or functions that were not set by the creator.
  • Fixed an issue where cutting and pasting a device in Create mode renamed the device.
  • Fixed an issue where unknown device entries could not be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue on Xbox where event bindings could not be removed from devices.

Device Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Conditional Button devices only displayed the last three digits of the stack size in the Customize panel options.
  • Fixed an issue with the Creature Manager device where options with Don't Override values could not be reset to default after they were changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Firefly Spawner device did not display Events or Functions even after being converted to the event bindings system.
  • Fixed an issue with the Guard Spawner device, where the Invulnerable value for some device options was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the End Game device did not recognize the Winning Team option's value.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rocket Boost device could be destroyed by weapon fire regardless of My Island settings.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Accolade device's Customize panel on PlayStation 4.
  • Fixed a typo that appeared in the Customize prompt for the Octane Spawner device.

Island Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to leave the Creative island volume with the Siege Cannon in certain situations.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when creators entered their Battle Royale Island in Create mode.
  • Fixed an issue where party leaders could not cancel matchmaking for a Battle Royale Island.
  • Fixed an issue where some public matches were not matchmaking correctly in a Battle Royale Island.
  • Fixed an issue in Battle Royale Islands where players were able to go beyond the editable area.
  • Fixed an issue where a flame or explosion visual effect would remain on screen when an Octane was destroyed near a player.
  • Fixed an issue where the Octane’s Boost and Trail visual effects were scaled too small.
  • Fixed an issue where players hit by an Octane would enter a desynced knockback animation state.
  • Fixed an issue where Octane wouldn't grant resources when hit with a Pickaxe.