Fortnite Creative v23.30 Update

Fortnite Creative v23.30 Update

The Fortnite Team

The Fortnite v23.30 update introduces Over-Budget Editing, the Crowd Volume device, the Hiding Props Gallery, and the Big Bush Bomb from Battle Royale.

v23.30 also contains new command options for hired guards in the Guard Spawner, the addition of Sky Jellies to the Wildlife Spawner, and the new Cyber City Prefabs and Galleries, Video Player Screen Gallery, Reactive Trim Gallery, and Background Equalizer Buildings and Background Equalizer Skyscraper Galleries.

Over-Budget Editing 

Memory management is a big concern to creators, so we want to make it easier. The total memory limit for published islands is still 100K – but when you are in Create mode on your islands, you can now place and move props normally up to 115K total memory. This will make it easier for you to manage memory fluctuations, and prevent situations where you are unable to place or move objects on your island because you have exceeded the 100K memory limit.

Keep in mind that the new 115K memory limit is only for when you are in Create mode, and is a hard limit. If you exceed 115K memory, you will be blocked from placing and moving objects again. The additional memory is meant to give you freedom to adjust your island so the memory used is within the 100K limit before you publish your island.

Crowd Volume 

Crowd Volume

The Crowd Volume is a device that spawns a group of cheering NPCs. Populate the stands for races, concerts, or any other experience where you need an audience. You can determine the density of the crowd, the size of the volume, and how randomly the NPCs are distributed in the space.

Hiding Props Gallery 

Hiding Prop Gallery

The Hiding Props Gallery gives you three different props that players can hide in: a Dumpster, a Haystack, and a Portapotty. You can use these to create a new kind of Hide-and-Seek game that is different from a Prop Hunt. Because you can customize which teams and classes can use a particular hiding prop, you can create new game modes focused around those elements. 

You can also customize the props so that more than one player can hide in one, and determine whether the prop has sound effects and a wobbling animation when it is occupied. You can even set time limits on how long a player can hide before being ejected from the hiding place, or have other devices signal the hiding prop to eject players based on events or triggers.

Guard Spawner: Command Options for Hired Guards

If you enable the Can Be Hired option in the Guard Spawner device, there is a new Can Be Given Commands option. When this is set to Yes, it gives your players the ability to control their hired guards by giving them different commands. The following commands are displayed on a new UI element, the Command Wheel:
  • Move
  • Wait
  • Follow
  • Dismiss

All spawned guards that have commands enabled can be controlled by the player, and players can command up to three hired guards at the same time.

Sky Jellies 

Sky Jelly

Sky Jellies are now available in the Type option of the Wildlife Spawner device. Sky Jellies are helpful creatures that exist in the world with the single goal of healing any living thing that comes near them. If wildlife or players approach a Sky Jelly, it will slowly float toward them and give off a healing splash if the target has less than full health. Players can interact with the Sky Jelly to trigger the healing splash more quickly.

When players jump on top of the Sky Jelly, it bounces the player upward and makes them immune to fall damage for a short time. Players can shoot Sky Jellies to detonate them, but if a Sky Jelly is shot, it explodes with a shockwave instead of a healing splash. This shockwave will also detonate other Sky Jellies that are nearby.

Big Bush Bomb

Use the Big Bush Bomb in your island, so player can throw a large bush out into the environment to hide in or to confuse their opponents.

Other Updates 

Prefab & Gallery Updates

  • New Cyber City Prefabs:
    • Cyber City Building A
    • Cyber City Building B
    • Cyber City Building C
    • Cyber City Building D
    • Cyber City Building E
    • Cyber City Building F
  • New Cyber City Galleries:
    Cyber City Gallery Small
    • Cyber City Building Prop Gallery A
    • Cyber City Building Prop Gallery B
    • Cyber City Building Prop Gallery C
    • Cyber City Building Prop Gallery D
    • Cyber City Prop Gallery A
    • Cyber City Prop Gallery B
    • Modern Interior Prop Gallery
    • Destroyed Floor Prop Gallery
    • Supply Drop Prop Gallery
  • New Video Player Screen Gallery: This includes a set of customizable screens that can mirror the image from a Video Player device. Play your video on a hologram screen, an array of floating cubes, and more.
  • New Reactive Trim Gallery: Use the neon shapes and equalizer bars to liven up your island with colorful, customizable decorations. They can even react to music playing on your island. Wrap them around buildings or other props too!
  • New Background Equalizer Buildings and Skyscraper Galleries:
    • Background Equalizer Buildings Gallery A
    • Background Equalizer Buildings Gallery B
    • Background Equalizer Buildings Gallery C
    • Background Equalizer Skyscraper Gallery A
    • Background Equalizer Skyscraper Gallery B
    • Background Equalizer Skyscraper Gallery C
    • Background Equalizer Skyscraper Gallery D
    • Background Equalizer Skyscraper Gallery E
    • Background Equalizer Skyscraper Topper Gallery A
    • Background Equalizer Skyscraper Topper Gallery B
  • Expanded Disco Gallery: This gallery has been expanded with additional music-related props such as a laptop, drum pad, DJ desk, and more.

Device Updates 

  • Wildlife Spawner: This device has been adjusted so that it is aligned with other devices with visuals that only appear in Create mode. 
  • Loot Controller (Battle Royale Island): Bosses will now drop loot packages regardless of loot settings, unless loot is set to No Loot.
  • Deployment Console (Battle Royale Island): Battle Bus deployments have variable height settings, so you can configure them to deploy at different heights.

Updates to Upgraded Devices

  • Color Changing Tile (Opt-In Upgraded Devices Only): New options have been added to the Color Changing Tile:
    • Alternate Tile Shape
    • Alternate Tile Shape Starting Primary Color
    • Alternate Tile Shape Starting Top Color
    • Alternate Tile Shape Icon
    • Icon Visible at Game Start
    • Show Icon
    • Hide Icon
    • Change Color on Player Contact  (channel option or event/function)
    • Activate Glow  (channel option or event/function)
    • Deactivate Glow  (channel option or event/function)

Bug Fixes

Prefab & Gallery Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with broken fans/propellers from the IO Blimp Prop Gallery and the Pandora Prop Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where the straight cave asset in the different Cliff Galleries could not be placed or pasted.

Device Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where teleporting failed if players were hurdling.
  • Fixed an issue where Sequencer devices did not operate correctly when set to infinitely loop.
  • Fixed an issue where disabled props attached to Prop Manipulator devices were shown in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Button device failed to reset if it did not send a message on a channel.
  • Fixed an issue where Launch Pad devices were not placed in the center of the floor.

Fixes for Upgraded Devices

  • Fixed an issue where players could build in the volume of upgraded Mutator Zone devices, even with the Allow Building option set to No.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tracked Weapon Category option in the upgraded Tracker device had incorrect values. 
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashed when the creator multi-selected upgraded devices and attempted to place the selected group in the Quick Bar.
  • Fixed an issue where upgraded devices caused guards to spawn at their patrol path nodes instead of spawning at the device location.

Island Fixes

  • Fixed the Battle Royale Island icon to feature the new Chapter 4 map.
  • Fixed a texture issue with traffic lights on Fortilla Island.
  • Fixed an issue with missing asset bottoms showing on Canyon Island.
  • Fixed an issue where maps were failing to load.
  • Fixed an issue where creating an island using the same template as one of your other islands required you to change the name of the new island manually, if the existing island still had its default name.
  • Fixed an issue where the values for the Custom Post Game Show Scoreboard options in the End Game device and My Island settings had different names but functioned correctly.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Royale Island Loot Controller placed items from past Battle Royale Seasons in chests when it was set to Current Battle Royale
  • Fixed an issue with the Battle Royale Island, where the Time Alive For Team Tracking Method option in the My Island UI tab caused matches to always end in a draw when the option was set to Shortest.
  • Fixed an issue where players kept the Reboot Cards of eliminated teammates after swapping teams.