Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Terms

Fortnite Crew Terms and Conditions

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Last Updated: 4.24.2023


Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Terms

Fortnite Crew is offered on a subscription basis with recurring payments. By purchasing a Fortnite Crew monthly subscription (“Subscription”), you agree to the following terms (“Fortnite Crew Subscription Terms.”).

Your Subscription is a part of the Fortnite End User License Agreement (“EULA”), which is incorporated into these terms by reference.


Additional terms and requirements may apply if you purchase your Subscription through another company’s platform, like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Samsung Galaxy Store (these are called “Third-Party Subscriptions”). Review your platform provider’s terms for more information.

1. Be sure to choose the platform (e.g., Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Store) you purchase your Subscription on carefully. Your Subscription is associated with the platform on which you purchased it (your “Primary Platform”) until it is canceled and is not transferable across the platforms. You’ll be able to access the items you receive from the Subscription across different platforms, but the V-Bucks you receive may not be redeemable on other platforms. You must log into your Primary Platform each subscription period to access your Subscription Content.

2. Your Subscription has a monthly charge (“Subscription Fee”) and will continue to automatically renew until you cancel it. You can cancel your Subscription at any time through the platform on which you purchased the Subscription. To learn more about how to cancel your Subscription log in to your Fortnite account (

If you purchased a Third-Party Subscription the process is different. Epic doesn’t handle billing or cancellations for Third-Party Subscriptions. Steps to cancel Third-Party Subscriptions vary by platform. To cancel a Third-Party Subscription, please follow that  platform provider’s directions.

3. To purchase a Subscription, you must be an adult (the legal age of majority) in your country of residence. To pay for the Subscription, you will be asked to provide account information and payment method information at the time you sign up. By providing Epic with a payment method, you represent that (i) you are an adult who is authorized to use the payment method you provided and (ii) any payment information you provide is true and accurate.

4. When you purchase the Subscription, you agree that you are authorizing recurring payments of the Subscription Fee. Your recurring payment of the subscription fee occurs at regular monthly intervals from the day you purchase your Subscription until cancelled. By purchasing the Subscription you grant Epic, a third-party platform, or a designated third-party payment processor permission to automatically charge the Subscription Fee to the provided payment method on a recurring basis until you cancel the Subscription. The Subscription Fee is exclusive of any applicable Federal, state, or municipal taxes or duties, unless otherwise required by applicable law.

Note: if you purchase a Third-Party Subscription, you should review that platform provider’s rules and processes carefully. Additional terms and requirements may apply if you purchase your Subscription through another company.

5. You must cancel your Subscription before the next billing date to stop being charged Subscription Fees. If you cancel, your Subscription will not renew for the following month, and you will not be charged another Subscription Fee.

6. As part of your Subscription, as long as you are subscribed, you will receive (i) 1,000 V-Bucks, (ii) access to the current Fortnite Season Battle Pass, and (iii) Fortnite Crew Pack cosmetic item set (the “Subscription Content”). 1,000 V-Bucks will be provided on a monthly basis. Items in Fortnite Crew Packs will vary each month. Items in Crew Packs are provided on an exclusive basis to Fortnite Crew Subscribers only.

From time to time, Epic may also provide additional benefits with your Subscription pertaining to Fortnite and/or to other games or products published by Epic. Additional benefits are not guaranteed, may not be available to all subscribers on all platforms, and may be changed from month to month, or discontinued, entirely at Epic’s discretion.

If you cancel your Subscription, you can continue to access the current Fortnite Season Battle Pass for the duration of that Season. You will also keep the Subscription Content you received in each month you were subscribed. You will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the Subscription Fee. This refund policy does not affect any statutory rights that may entitle you to a refund notwithstanding the policy.

7. Subscription requirements and available features may vary across platforms, regions, and over time. We may change the Subscription Fee at any time; if we do we will notify you at least 30 days in advance. If you don’t agree to the price change, you must cancel your Subscription before the price change takes effect. By continuing to use the Subscription, you indicate that you accept the new recurring Subscription Fee.

8. The original of this agreement is in English; any translations are provided for reference purposes only. It is the express wish of the parties that these Terms and all related documents have been drawn up in English. You waive any right you may have under the law of your country to have this agreement written or construed in any other languages.

9. Epic reserves the right to change the Fortnite Crew Subscription Terms from time to time and will post the most current version of the Fortnite Crew Subscription Terms at  You should check this site regularly to make yourself aware of changed terms.