Fortnite Insights Dashboard for Creators

The Fortnite Team

Fortnite Creators,

Looking to grow the community around your creations? This week we’ve added new analytics tools for your published islands!

Here’s a preview of the data available at your fingertips!

Fortnite Insights Dashboard

Fortnite Insights Dashboard

The new Fortnite Insights Dashboard has been added to the Support a Creator Portal! The new dashboard is available to all Creators and adds player activity analytics across all your published games. With real time data, the dashboard is updated approximately every two minutes, and you can compare all of your published creations to see which ones are performing best. Creators will have multiple ways to view their data, including comparing data graphs into an easy to view list.

Analytics for Fortnite Creators


Measure in Real Time: The Fortnite Insights Dashboard Measures Total Active Players, Average Play Time, Daily Retention Rate, 

My Fortnite Game Data

Updated every two minutes, the My Fortnite Game Data dashboard provides Creators with a quick snapshot of data, and Creators can also choose to download the data. 

My Fortnite Game Data includes:

My Total Active players

  • Peak All Time
  • Peak Today
  • AVG. All Time
  • AVG Today

Total Active Players

My Overall Highlights

  • Total players over past seven days
  • Monthly Players
  • Weekly Players
Fortnite Creative Game Data

My Top Performing Games

  • Displays Creators top 3 games made
  • My Top 10 Games
  • Displays Creators top 10 games made

This is just the beginning of the Fortnite Insights Dashboard Creators! We will continue to gather feedback from Creators and continue to add features to the dashboard to help inform you with everything you need to know to make your games successful.

Note to Creators: With these new dashboards, the Developer Relations team will no longer be sending weekly analytics emails to eligible Creators.