Fortnite is Headed to Next-Gen Consoles

The Fortnite Team

Today we’re excited to confirm that Fortnite will be headed to next-generation consoles at launch. This is the same Fortnite you know and love, ready to take full advantage of the newest consoles.

We’ll be sharing more specific details in the coming months as we get closer to launch. Before then, here are some answers to a few questions you might have.

Is this an all-new Fortnite?

No, this is not a new version of Fortnite. It’s Fortnite optimized to take advantage of the new hardware and features on next-gen consoles.

How will Fortnite take advantage of next-gen console hardware?

While we can’t share specifics at the moment, more powerful hardware will allow us to improve performance and visuals. At launch, the version of Fortnite we release on next-gen consoles will be built with Unreal Engine 4. We will migrate Fortnite to Unreal Engine 5 in mid-2021.

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Does my Fortnite account, progression, and items I’ve purchased carry over? 

We plan to support cross-progression across console generations and platforms so that your account, progression, and items carry over.

Will Fortnite support crossplay on next-gen consoles? 

We intend to support cross-play across all platforms, including current and next-generation consoles.

Will Fortnite continue to support current game platforms?

Yes, we plan to continue support for existing platforms in tandem with our support for next-generation consoles.