Music callout and video player release

The Fortnite Team

Calling all creators! We’re looking for the most exciting and engaging experiences you can design as we dive deeper into the musical possibilities in Fortnite. 

As part of this callout, all creators will now have access to the Video Player device which they can use to broadcast a set of preloaded music videos created by the talented xDogged. Creators can use just one or string them together for a totally unique music-led island experience.

Add the Video Player to your Island and select any of the five music videos listed below to design your own experience around! Your media choices include:

“Come on Down”

Fortnite Music Come On Down

“In the Clouds”

Fortnite Music In The Clouds

 “Jungle Jam”

Fortnite Music Jungle Jam

“Rifting Reality”

Fortnite Music Rifting Reality

“Toon Takeover”

Fortnite Music Toon Takeover

And for those who want to design a longer experience, “Jukebox Joint” is available as a longform compilation of all the other music videos. 

Callout Criteria 

  • Only one map per creator will be accepted
  • Make the music the star of the show
    • While engaging gameplay and visuals are appreciated, make sure what you do enhances rather than distracts from the music and the music video. If music is not the central focus of the experience, your map will not be selected for featuring.
  • We’re looking for high quality experiences
    • Fully functional maps that use devices well, set effective boundaries, and are highly polished make for a better player experience as well as make your map more likely to be featured. 
  • Prioritize Innovation
    • Boundary pushing and never before seen designs will certainly grab our attention. 
  • Submission videos must be complete
    • Submission video must show the entire experience or it will be automatically rejected.
  • Submissions must be entirely new work
    • Any map considered for featuring must be a brand new creation published during the callout period.
  • Trailers encouraged
    • Including a captivating trailer for your island is not required but highly encouraged.


While not required we are also making a custom themed music callout template available for creators. To load it, head to the Creative Hub and use the Console to create a new island. When selecting a type, choose Template Islands, and look for the one labeled Music Experience Callout. Once you confirm your selection you can name your island and begin creating!

Not sure where to begin?

  • Find other creations that inspire you
    • Consider what you’ve enjoyed about previous musical experiences in Fortnite and allow that to inspire your own creative decision making.
  • Surprise and delight
    • Aim to include surprising moments and engaging environments that amplify the impact of the music video.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a collab 
    • Join the Fortnite Creative Discord to find and build a team of creators using the Creator-Callout channel. 


Music Callout submission: Use the dropdown “Music Callout” in the Fortnite Creative Featured Content form by May 24, 2022 11:59PM  ET. 

Discover Submission: Apply to appear in Discover from the Fortnite Discover Submission form.

Remember that all submissions must be original work and be sure to follow the Fortnite Creative featured content guidelines.