Fortnite NFL “Gridiron Gang” Outfits and New Competitive Events

The Fortnite Team

As the NFL prepares a three-course meal of games on Thanksgiving Day, football fans can rush to the Item Shop with all new Gridiron Gang Set.

Game Day Gear

The new Gridiron Gang Set — available now —  features all-new redesigned NFL uniforms sporting a more aerodynamic and athletic feel. All 32 NFL teams are represented with two uniform styles to select, along with the new Logo-a-go Back Bling that lets you rep any team’s logo. Additionally, these all-new Outfits allow you to customize your jersey number, and toggle whether you want a reflective visor on your helmet. Note: The new Gridiron Gang Outfits are separate purchases from the previously released cosmetics included in the Fourth Down set.

Fortnite Nfl Gridiron Gang Outfits

Add to your football fantasy, celebrate victory or call it like you see it with the It’s Good and Penalty Emotes!

Playoffs?!? Competition Kicks Off in December

With the NFL’s postseason and Super Bowl dreams on the horizon, Fortnite will feature two pigskin-themed competitions, the NFLPA Open and Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl.

Reigning NFLPA Open champion Kurt Benkert of the Atlanta Falcons is set to defend his title as “The Best Fortnite Player in the NFL” beginning December 2 when the NFL’s best Fortnite players begin a competition to earn the most Arena points. Top performers will appear in the NFLPA Open championship in January 2021. Top players from the NFLPA Open will then move on to Streamer Bowl.

The second Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl, an online charity tournament featuring NFL players and Twitch streamers, will be held on February 4, 2021. NFL Players and Twitch Streamers will be featured in Showdown matches in December and January to ramp up for the main event, but wouldn’t it be cool to join in the competition with them? In January, get ready for the Streamer Bowl Cup where fans can compete to be one of the top players and join the NFL players and Twitch Streamers at Streamer Bowl.

Look for more details on the NFLPA Open and the events on the road to Streamer Bowl in the coming months.