Fortnite Playwave Island Series: Find Your Next Favorite Song!

The Fortnite Team

Turn it up. 🔊 

Fortnite’s Playwave Island Series has arrived, delivering some of the hottest tracks from trending artists! Immerse yourself in new music by jumping into Fortnite islands made with a specific track in-mind.

To start things off, five new islands come to Fortnite featuring songs from Kali Uchis, GloRilla, YUNGBLUD, WILLOW, and Mura Masa. Jump into the islands using their island code or by going to the Playwave & More row in Discover. This Discover row will be live until April 28, 2023, at 12 PM ET, but the islands will still be available after this date. 

First Five Playwave Islands

The Lost Garden

Fortnite The Lost Garden Island

Creator(s): Hannah Lou
Featured Song: “I Wish you Roses” by Kali Uchis
Island Name & Code: The Lost Garden 2819-6868-1801


Defeat the Trolls

Fortnite Defeat the Trolls Island

Creator(s): Bonnie Kiwi
Featured Song: “Internet Trolls” by GloRilla
Island Name & Code: Defeat the Trolls 6241-4042-1055

Cerebral Cinema

Fortnite Cerebral Cinema Island

Creator(s): MaestroShark
Featured Song: “Original Me” by YUNGBLUD
Island Name & Code: Cerebral Cinema 3060-2881-1088

🎭Search for Self🎭

Fortnite Search for Self Island

Creator(s): iiiSandman
Featured Song: “curious/furious” by WILLOW
Island Name & Code: 🎭Search for Self🎭 6345-2913-3801

Up and Running

Fortnite Up and Running Island

Creator(s): Horamubi
Featured Song: “Up All Week” by Mura Masa
Island Name & Code: Up and Running 6573-4353-1481

Stay tuned for more Playwave islands coming soon. 🎵