Fortnite Primal Survival: Crafting Guide

The Fortnite Team

UPDATE (April 5, 2021)

Now that you've had a chance to go hands-on with crafting in Season 6, here's a visual guide to maintain your crafting expertise. Remember: Bones can be found from Wildlife (plus the bone props on the map), and Mechanical Parts from machines like vehicles, forklifts, tractors!

Fortnite Primal And Mechanical CraftingFortnite Bow Crafting



After the Zero Point sent a mysterious pulse across the Island, survival skills have become more essential than ever. Knowing how to craft your own advanced items can give you the upper hand in these primal times. 

There are many crafting combos, but if you want to begin with the basics, pick up a Makeshift weapon and change it into a Primal weapon... or perhaps something more familiar. Learn how below!

Primal Weapons = Bone-afide Power

Fauna is flourishing on the Island. After hunting down a beast of the land, if you have a Makeshift weapon in your inventory, interact with the Animal Bones to craft a Primal version of that weapon. Primal weapons tend to deal higher damage than others.
Fortnite Primal Rifle In Use

The Primal Rifle in action.

You can also pick up the Animal Bones instead of interacting. Once picked up, they’ll appear in your inventory Resources so you can craft a Primal weapon later. To do this, just open up the inventory menu, switch to the Crafting tab, and select which of your equipment to change. Have a Makeshift Rifle? Craft it into a Primal Rifle!
Fortnite Crafting Tab

Use the Crafting tab to craft with things you’ve picked up.

Primal weapons aren’t the only things that can be crafted in the inventory menu. ALL craftable objects can be crafted this way, so make use of the menu no matter what you want.

Classic Weapons = Mechanical Precision

Don’t confuse “Primal” with old-school. In addition to Primal weapons, Makeshift weapons can be crafted into familiar favorites like the Pump Shotgun, Revolver, and Assault Rifle. To craft these weapons, you’ll need Mechanical Parts instead of Animal Bones. Weapons made with these parts tend to be more precise than others.
Fortnite Pump Shotgun

The Pump Shotgun returns.

You can find Mechanical Parts by harvesting mechanical equipment from vehicles, forklifts, and tractors. (Not all technology was reached by the pulse!) Change a Makeshift weapon by either interacting with the Mechanical Parts or by gathering them and going to the Crafting tab of the inventory menu. 
Both classic and Primal weapons can also be found as loot, but with crafting, make them on demand!

Bows = Shocking Variety

We’ve covered the basics, but let’s get more advanced with Bows. A staple weapon from ages past, Bows have both physical range and range of the versatile variety. Like the previous weapons, Bows have a Makeshift form, but unlike those weapons, their crafting path consists of six different possibilities.
Fortnite Makeshift Bow

Make a Bow with the Makeshift Bow!

As you may expect, you can change a Makeshift Bow with either Animal Bones or Mechanical Parts. Use Animal Bones to make a Primal Bow or Mechanical Parts to make a Mechanical Bow. From this point, there are four more possible Bow varieties, two stemming from the Primal Bow and two from the Mechanical Bow. 
See what flammable substance or organism you can combine with a Primal Bow to make a Flame Bow. And to make a Shockwave Bow, see what you can combine with a Mechanical one. (The answer’s in the name!)
Fortnite Shockwave Bow

Knock players in a new way with the Shockwave Bow.

With this knowledge, you’re now ready to forge your way to victory. To prove your crafting expertise, we challenge you to discover the last two craftable Bows. Remember: one requires a Primal Bow and the other a Mechanical Bow. Share your findings with us by including the #FortnitePrimal hashtag.