Fortnite Reboot a Friend Test Begins

The Fortnite Team

Starting today, we're testing our Reboot-a-Friend program. The Reboot-a-Friend program provides players with rewards for playing with friends they haven’t played in a while! During this test, players in participating regions may register on the website and invite eligible friends in order to participate. 

Currently, the test is only running in Brazil and Italy. The test may expand to other regions in the future. Questions about how the program works? Check our Reboot-a-Friend FAQ for further details and Reboot a Friend rules.

Reboot a Friend Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Reboot-a-Friend program?

Participants must receive an invitation via email to join the Fortnite Reboot-a-Friend early access test. Invitees must login and register on the website and invite eligible friends in order to participate. 

To be eligible for rewards, invitees must play one match with a successfully rebooted friend.
Check out the full Reboot-a-Friend rules:

How long is the Reboot-a-Friend early access test?

The Reboot a Friend early access test is available from November 19, 2020 at 4 am ET through November 26 at 5:59 pm ET.

How do I get rewards?

Invitees unlock rewards after playing games with rebooted friends. Both players will receive the same awesome rewards after playing games together! See below! 




1 Match

Reboot Emoticon

5 Matches

Key Change Lobby Track

10 Matches

Twin Talons Pickaxe

20 Matches

Holofoil Wrap


Which of my friends are eligible in the Reboot-a-Friend early access test?

To ensure a better experience for all the players in this test run of Reboot-a-Friend, it’s necessary to limit the number of participants who meet a certain list of requirements: only friends who haven’t played Fortnite for 30 days or more are eligible candidates for the Reboot-a-Friend early access test. 

Why can’t I reboot more of my friends?

We encourage you to play Fortnite with all of your friends, but for the purpose of this test, we’re limiting the program to one “rebooted” friend. If we have new updates, we’ll update everyone!

When will I receive my rewards?

You and your friends unlocked the rewards? Awesome! The prizes will be issued to all winners within 30 days.

Why haven’t I been invited to participate, and will there be a full Reboot-a-Friend program?

As this is an early access, we can only invite a few players to Reboot-a-Friend. But don’t worry! We anticipate having more Reboot-a-Friend opportunities in the future.