Fortnite Save the World | v26.00 Sept 6 Hotfix Homebase Status Report

The Fortnite Team

The Hexsylvania Venture Season has returned in the Save the World v26.00 hotfix. This Venture Season sees the return of Dungeons, the Clip’s Nightmare and Wolfy Business questlines, and more!  


Fortnite Hexsylvania Png

Do you feel that chill in the air? Hexsylvania’s mysterious energy is granting Husks a modifier that reduces their damage taken from weapons, abilities, and traps! How to combat these Hexsylvanian Husks? Use a Short Range modifier to make them take 50% more damage when within two tiles of a Commander or Defender. 

There are treats amidst the Hexsylvanian tricks: Hexsylvanian Husks have a chance to drop healing potions when taken out at close range. Use these to keep you going in the fight!


Fortnite The Dungeons Png

From tricks and treats, to tricks and traps. The Dungeons under Homebase have reopened — explore all five of them to find Magical Keys, collect Gold Coins, and take down monsters! Along the way, come across weapons and Heroes to add to your collection.

The first Dungeon is the mysterious Crypts. Completing the Crypts unlocks the sweltering Inferno Dungeon plus the secretive Lab Dungeon. Complete Inferno to unlock the swampy Grotto Dungeon, then complete Grotto unlock the final Dungeon: Labyrinth!

Here are the Heroes you can add to you collection by exploring these Dungeons:

Swamp Knight

Fortnite Save The World Swamp Knight 1920x1080 4a2d3091c29e

Swamp Knight’s Perk Unearthly Treat increases your damage against Mist Monsters, with the damage value based on your missing Health. (The more of your Health that’s missing, the higher the damage!)

Swamp Knight’s Commander Perk Unearthly Treat+ does the same thing as Unearthly Treat, but also conjures a Phantasm to target nearby foes when you take damage. 

Mermonster Ken

Fortnite Mermonster Ken Png

Mermonster Ken makes an appearance on land! His From The Depths Standard Perk boosts melee damage based on how much Health you’re missing. (The more of your Health that’s missing, the higher the damage!) His Commander Perk From The Depths+ does the same thing, but also summons a Phantasm when you dole out a heavy melee elimination.

Chaos Agent

Fortnite Chaos Agent Png

Completing missions in the Lab Dungeon unlocks the villainous Chaos Agent, a Soldier Hero with a trick up their sleeve. Armed with the Standard Perk Quick Fingers, any ability used will also reload your equipped weapon. Chaos Agent’s Commander Perk Quick Fingers+ does the same thing as Quick Fingers, but also creates a chance for a Phantasm to spawn.

Complete Dungeons to unlock these three nightmarish Heroes, Candy for Llamas and loot, a Loading Screen, and more!

Clip’s Nightmare Returns September 6

Just as Hexylavania is giving off a mysterious energy, a nauseating spell is overtaking Hexylvania. It’s in Homebase’s best interest to dispel this curse, so do just that in the Clip’s Nightmare questline! Complete this questline — available from September 6 at 8 PM ET to October 3rd, 2023, at 8 PM ET — to unlock a Hero: Homebase’s favorite blacksmith Clip!

Cassie “Clip” Lipman Joins the Crew

Fortnite Cassie Clip Lipman Png

"Let’s take things to the next level." - Clip

  • Standard Perk: High Caliber Harvest 
    • Objects destroyed by Anti Material Charge have a 33% chance to drop additional ingredients.
  • Commander Perk: High Caliber Harvest+
    • Objects destroyed by Anti Material Charge have a 100% chance to drop additional ingredients.

Get to Business: Dire’s Wolfy Business Questline Returns!

Starting September 20 at 8 PM ET, be on the lookout for a Super Blood Moon. No werewolf can resist! Complete Dire’s Wolfy Business questline to add Dire to your pack. (That is, to unlock him as a Hero!) This questline will be available from September 20 at 8 PM ET to October]17th, 2023, at 8 PM ET.

Dire Times

Fortnite Dires Wolfy Business Questline Png

  • Standard Perk: Night Stalker 
    • During evening and night, movement speed increases by 25%.
  • Commander Perk: Night Stalker+
    • During evening and night, movement speed increases by 50% and decreases Energy cost for abilities by 50%.


 The Hexylvania Venture Season means Fortnitemares Llamas! These spine-chilling Llamas are filled to the brim with Haunted Heroes like Kyle the 13th, ghostly weapons like the Night Owl, and Survivors in cosplay. Get Fortnitemares Llamas by spending Candy, which can be earned from completing missions during the Hexslyvania Venture Season.

Fortnite Save The World Fortnitemates Llama Jpg

INTRODUCING Untask'd Courier Set

Fortnite Untaskd Courier Pack

The Untask'd Courier Pack is now available for purchase.

This Pack includes:

  • Access to the “Save the World” PvE campaign
  • Sid Obsidian Outfit
  • Task’d Corp Datapack Back Bling
  • Antenna-Nator Pickaxe
  • Crossmark Operative Challenges: Earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks by completing Save the World Daily Quests

Challenges are unlocked after having completed the "Homebase Stormshield Defense 3" mission in the Save the World campaign.

Note: The cosmetic items of this Pack will be shared through Battle Royale, Save the World, and creator-made islands. This new Pack will have no impact on existing Founder daily login rewards or their V-Bucks earned, which is exclusive to early access Founders. These Outfits may appear in the Fortnite Item Shop in the future.

Event and Weekly Store

Ragnarok - September 6 at 8 PM ET

Fortnite Ragnarok Png

  • Standard Perk: Return To Sender
    • Seismic Smash returns to its origin point. Increases Seismic Smash damage and impact by 25%.
  • Commander Perk: Return To Sender+
    • Seismic Smash returns to its origin point. Increases Seismic Smash damage and impact by 125%.

Plague Doctor Igor - September 13 at 8 PM ET

Fortnite Plague Doctor Igor Png


  • Standard Perk: Deep Pockets
    •  Decreases Smoke Bomb Energy cost by 38%.
  • Commander Perk: Deep Pockets+
    • Decreases Smoke Bomb Energy cost by 75%.

Black Blade - September 20 at 8 PM ET

Fortnite Black Blade Png

Black Blade is a large sword with moderate damage and high impact. With it, you can perform the Leap Attack: a heavy attack that jumps to a target area, damaging and knocking down nearby enemies.

Bug Fixes

Several issues were resolved in the v26.00 update that we previously posted on v26.00 is now live! Reddit post

  • Fixed an issue with the Totally Rockin Out perk from being triggered again.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hero Icon and Commander perk could disappear when evolving in the Hero Loadout Tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Wargames was not interactable in the Storm Shield Console.
  • Hero Loadout Gadget slot will now correctly appear after completing Storm Sheild Defense 3.
  • Fixed an issue with Blizzard Blitzer that caused enemies to freeze on the 1st hit vs the 7th.