Fortnite Save the World | v26.20 Homebase Status Report

The Fortnite Team

As the Hexsylvania Venture Season continues, we’re bringing a new stinky weapon to help you take down the scary Husks, the Primal Stink Bow makes its Save the World debut! 

Along with the Primal Stink Bow, we’re adding an additional Hero Loadout to be purchased from the Event Store. Read below to get the details on the changes in the Save the World v26.20 update. 

(As an early reminder, the Hexsylvania Venture Season will end November 22, 2023, at 8 PM ET, so collect all the rewards you can before Nov 22 comes up on you like a Husk in the night!)

Primal Stink Bow

Fortnite Stink Bow

The Primal Stink Bow fires fast-moving arrows that produce a small gas cloud. This gas cloud deals damage over time to enemies caught up in the stench, so set up some traps and lure the Husks to you while you hold your breath and watch the gas cloud do what it does best! 

Got your nose covered? The Primal Stink Bow will be available in the Event Store starting September 27 at 8 PM ET.

More Hero Loadouts!

Commanders, take charge with an additional Hero Loadout available for purchase in the Event Store now! This additional Hero Loadout can be purchased for 10,000 Gold!

Note: Hero Loadouts will continue to be available in future Venture Seasons. Individual Hero Loadouts can be purchased once per Venture Season.

Wildlife Adjustments

Loot Crows are no longer the only wildlife that can carry loot! In addition to the loot Crows, loot Chickens, Frogs, Boars, Wolves, and Raptors can also appear. As you’re finding the new loot wildlife around the map, Dens and Nests will now appear around the edges of the map where you can get tamed wolves, boars, and raptors without danger!

Commanders will also notice that wildlife is not as dense as it used to be and when you eliminate any wildlife they don’t respawn as quickly or around you. Now you can clear out the map a bit easier before it repopulates!

All of these wildlife adjustments will remain in effect after the Hexsylvania Venture Season ends but, with Hexsylvania in full swing, Zombie Chickens are back, so look out! Luckily they'll only be around during the Fortnitemares Venture season!

Bladey Acres Questline

The Bladey Acres questline is back! Though taking place at a summer camp, this questline isn’t all fun and games — Bladey Acres is filled with dangerous, sharp objects. For overcoming your fears and completing this questline, you’ll earn the Raven Hero! 

This thriller questline will be available from October 4 at 8 PM ET until the end of the Hexsylvania Venture Season (Nov. 22 at 8 PM ET).


Fortnite Raven Png

"I’m still outside..." - Raven

  • Standard Perk: Bang and Pow
    • Increases Lefty and Righty damage to enemies by 25%.
  • Commander Perk: Bang and Pow+
    • Increases Lefty and Righty damage by 25%. Lefty and Righty causes explosions which deal 20 base energy damage in a .5 tile radius.

Event and Weekly Store

Husk Grinder - September 27 at 8 PM ET

Fortnite Husk Grinder

Sharpen up your Black Metal weapon set with the darkest metal axe around: the Husk Grinder. Unleash its devastating Maelstrom attack!

Dirge Song - September 27 at 8 PM ET

Fortnite Dirge Song

Wield the power of Clip’s favorite creation: the Dirge Song! This Submachine Gun fires in long nine-round bursts that’ll have enemies lamenting.

Jonesee-Bot - October 4 at 8 PM ET

Fortnite Jonesee Bot


  • Standard Perk: Ow, My Eye
    • Increases headshot damage up to 50% based on the percentage of your missing Health. (The more Health you’re missing, the higher the damage.)
  • Commander Perk: Ow, My Eye+
    • Increases headshot damage up to 50% based on the percentage of your missing Health. (The more Health you’re missing, the higher the damage.) In addition, headshot eliminations have a 50% chance to conjure a Phantasm.

Bug Fixes

A number of Save the World bug fixes were included in the Fortnite v26.20 update, including:

  • Introduction video for Smashers now reliably plays during the tutorial.
  • T.E.D.D.Y. will no longer shoot at tamed wildlife.
  • The Throwing Stars projectile now spawns correctly when the player is in water or hits water.
  • Fixed an issue with some wildlife SFX.
  • Fixed an issue on PC that prevented players from using the Emote keybind when in the Lobby.