Fortnite Save the World | v27.11 Nov 22 Hotfix Homebase Status Report

The Fortnite Team

Get your cold-weather gear ready Commanders! The Save the World v27.11 Nov 22 hotfix brings the returning Frostnite Venture Season, which starts November 22, 2023, at 7 PM ET. If that weren’t wintery enough, this hotfix also introduces the new Frozen Fjords winter-themed zone!


Winter Cheer and Frostnite Are Here

Keep your fire BluGlo burning, Frostnite returns with new Weekly Challenges and icy rewards. Take on Krampus Smashers and frozen Husks to earn Holiday Heroes like The Ice King, cool weapon schematics, and Snowflake Tickets.


Trade in your tickets for festive Holiday Llamas that hold Holiday Heroes and Holiday Armory rewards. Check your Llamas regularly, because other themed loot-filled piñatas like Smorgasbord, Art Deco, and more will be making guest appearances throughout this festive Season!


Crackshot’s Winterfest Ventures, Misfit Toys, and Red Willow’s Eve questlines will be returning throughout the Venture Season. Complete them to earn the Crackshot, Jilly Teacup, and Red Willow Heroes respectively.


A New Frontier: The Frozen Fjords 

The v27.11 Nov 22 hotfix introduces a new winter-themed zone, the Frozen Fjords! Explore new locations like the snow-covered Chilly Cove, warm up by the fire in Crackshot’s Neighborhood, or explore what’s hidden beneath the ice at the Boreal Base.


Obtain The Slicicle And More

New to the Event Store is the Slicicle! Slice through Husks like a... cold knife… through butter? No that’s not right, but with its fast attack speed combo, snare or stun enemies to leave them frozen solid.

Also returning to the Event Store is the Mythic Outlander Subzero Zenith. And be on the lookout every week for returning Winterfest Heroes and Schematics to the Weekly Store like the Monks, Cocoa .45, and the Snowball Launcher


Stay frosty out there — Frostnite runs from November 22, 2023, at 7 PM ET to January 24, 2024, at 7 PM ET!


Recent Bug Fixes

  • The Structure Healing perk on Traps now heals correctly. 
  • Resolved several issues with Locker interactions when swapping Outfits or previewing and archiving.
  • Fixed crash issues players encountered on PlayStation 5.