Fortnite Save the World | v28.30 Homebase Status Report

The Fortnite Team

Heya Commanders! v28.30 in Save the World focuses on Hero balance adjustments to shake up your roster, and fixes for some long-standing issues the community has reported. 

All Perk adjustments detailed below affect both the Standard Perk version and Commander Perk version, unless otherwise stated. Let's take a look!

Hero Balance Changes

Cloaked Shadow

  • Increased Corrupted Aura’s base damage.

Staredown Southie

  • Reduced the time between shots for Bear Stare.

Fireflower Eagle Eye

  • Increased the base damage of the fireworks for Parting Gift.

Tricera Ops Ramirez

  • Saurian Vigor has a shorter time between heals.

Black Knight Garridan

  • Knight’s Impact now also reduces the cooldown of Goin’ Constructor for each elimination with hardware.

Red Willow

  • Increased the base damage of Holiday Surprise.

Sentinel Hype

  • Going And Going increases D.E.C.O.Y.'s duration even longer.

Warden Kyle

  • B.A.S.E. M.D. provides increased base Health regen.

  • B.A.S.E. M.D. now also provides Energy regen.

  • A heal-over-time effect now persists for a few seconds after stepping away from the B.A.S.E. structure.


  • Blast Kick now deals increased base damage, and its damage type is now Energy.

  • The Standard version of the Blast Kick Perk now also fires all five projectiles.

Prickly Patroller Ramirez

  • Increased the overall damage of Prickly.

  • The Standard version of Prickly now also gives enemies Affliction damage over time, similar to the Commander version of the Perk.


  • Reduced the number of Cannonball Grenades and Coconuts that drop from Blakebeard’s Stash at a time, and limited how many can be held at once.

    • Chests now despawn after one minute.

  • Moment-to-moment gameplay with Blakebeard’s Stash should feel largely the same: a grab bag of fun items falling out of enemies to keep your damage and Health high, while not reducing the challenge of missions at lower difficulties. 

    • As part of this change, we added an option for players to refund their resources invested into their current Blakebeard if they wish.

  • Peg Legs break faster, more closely match the Power Level of the current mission, and only six can be held at a time.

    • If you open a Chest while already holding six, a bonus Cannonball Grenade and Coconut drop instead. 

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • We’ve separated the Filter and Sort selections for Perk Loadouts. You can choose between the current Auto sort, or sort alphabetically.

  • The Contender now properly stuns enemies, and the stun has been increased to persist for a short time after enemies have been knocked back.

  • The Primal Shotgun’s Frenzy Perk for eliminating a Mist Monster now persists after switching weapons.

  • Bull Rush now more consistently grabs Husks that are very close to you.

  • Fixed an issue where the Headshot Explosion Perk was not working as intended for some weapons.

  • The Structure Healing Perk now works correctly for Traps.

  • Downed Chrome Husks no longer attach themselves to a player when heavy-attacking them with Sir Lancelot.