Fortnite Save the World | v29.10 Apr 4 Hotfix Homebase Status Report

The Fortnite Team

Heya Commanders! The Scurvy Shoals Venture Season has come ashore in Save the World, and brings Survive the Horde back into the fray with tons of updates and improvements. Let's take a look!

24BR HordeMode 1 Social

Hot Map Update

In the latest edition of Survive the Horde, you won’t always be moving to the same bases as before. For example, a new base location has appeared at the Volcano! 

Also, the gnome rave from last time got broken up, so they’ve found a new place to party.

Wave Updates

We updated the balance and order of waves in Survive the Horde, and added some new ones for you to discover. 

Also, as wave difficulty increases, you’ll also have less time between waves to prepare — so don’t dally!

Final Wave Holdout

Get ready for the grand finale… There’s now a “final wave”! Survive the horde for five minutes at the end of a mission while you wait for Homebase to pull you out.

Unlock Difficulty Tiers

Survive The Horde now has multiple difficulty tiers. Complete a tier, and the next difficulty will unlock. Can you overcome Tier 5?

Unlock new Banner Icons and Sprays as you complete these difficulties!

Challenge Week Schedule

We’ve adjusted the order of Challenge Weeks compared to Survive The Horde’s debut run, and added some more. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect week-to-week this Venture Season!

Challenge Week 1 - Storm Surge

The safe zones within the Storm are now smaller. Lightning strikes frequently target the team, giving players and Husks alike a nasty zap!

Challenge Week 2 - Low Gravity

The magnetic field has shifted, rendering Hoverboards inoperable and changing the effects of gravity. Jump higher and move faster as your melee attacks knock back the hordes of Husks.

Challenge Week 3 - Melee Mayhem

Ranged weapons and ammo from Supply Drops are limited, and any ranged attacks made against Husks will ricochet off and also damage you. But on the bright side, your Trap damage and melee attack speed will be boosted, so put away those guns, craft some extra Traps, and start swingin’!

Challenge Week 4 - Hasty Husks

You’re in a jam: damaging and eliminating enemies will just make the horde move in more quickly. Even worse, if they get close enough to start damaging you, they’ll start healing themselves! Focus fire to try to take them out quickly (and preferably at a distance).

Challenge Week 5 - Windswept

Hold onto your hats! It’s getting gusty out here, threatening players with a rash of tornadoes.

Challenge Week 6 - Slow Burn 

Feel the burn as Husks drop an acid pool after being eliminated. Beware of the Husks’ attacks inflicting you with a slowing status effect, making avoiding the acid pools tricky!

Challenge Week 7 - Unflappable Husks 

The Horde has become unstoppable, ignoring all crowd control effects. Try and avoid their attacks as they now leave a lingering damage effect when they hit you! To help you out, your Sniper, Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, and Pistol damage have been increased, and Traps have become more lethal. Use your newfound power to keep the Horde at bay!

Challenge Week 8 - Fast Forward 

The waves of enemies are making their way faster than ever, meaning you’ll have less time to build and gather Supply Drops. But don’t let intimidation slow you down — move fast and get things done in this race against time to Survive the Horde.

Challenge Week 9 - Smog of War 

The volcano’s starting to erupt! A thick cloud of ash coats the area, reducing visibility significantly. Our radar is not functioning properly, so enemies won’t appear on the map!

Challenge Week 10 - The Floor is Lava 

The volcano’s in full erupt mode. Staying in contact with the ground for too long will cause a damaging lava eruption below your feet! Keep on the move or take refuge at an elevated position to avoid these perilous hazards.

Challenge Week 11 - Not-Space Rocks

Defend your bases and keep your eyes in the skies for falling volcanic debris from above, hot stepper!