Fortnite v17.10 - July 13 Hotfix: Inflate-A-Bulls and Holly Hatchery Enter the Invasion


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Knowing that cattle are an Alien abduction favorite, the Imagined Order moved to create a cow disguise they could use in a surprise attack against the invaders. However, the results of their work ended up in something different: an evasion device they admiringly call the Inflate-A-Bull.

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File on Inflate-A-Bulls

Fortnite Inflate A Bull

With an Inflate-A-Bull on your back, inflate it to bounce or roll away from a dangerous situation. (Tip: Rolling downhill with an Inflate-A-Bull is a LOT faster than just running downhill.) You can also inflate it to squash a Parasite that’s attached to you, if you’re not looking for its help. The “Bull” may attract the attention of Saucers when inflated, but its evasive advantages are worth it.

The Inflate-A-Bull is not invincible: it will pop if it gets shot. (You’ll fortunately be protected from the shot.) Once popped, it takes a while to self-repair and become available for use again. However, if you decide to deflate it yourself manually, it'll be ready for use again in much less time. Like the Recon Scanner, this invention has been herded into IO Chests and normal Chests. Track how much more you can use one with its usage bar.

What else is new in Battle Royale in v17.10 - July 13 Hotfix:

From Holly Hedges to Holly Hatchery

After the Aliens made residence at Holly Hedges last week, their biomes are continuing to cover the neighborhood. But their settling in doesn’t stop there. They’ve begun nurturing Parasites at the location, so much so they now refer to it as “Holly Hatchery.” If you’re looking for a boost in speed or more pep in your step, this is a reliable place to get these Parasite-provided powers. Just look out for the Aliens’ guards protecting the streets.