Fortnite v17.30 - August 10 Hotfix: The Prop-ifier Enters the Invasion


Sent to the Hot Saucers mailing list:

The Aliens have studied our world… thoroughly. We’ve been able to find vendors to disguise us as an object, but the Aliens found a way to just do it on the spot. Using a “Prop-ifier,” select a familiar Island object, then become a Prop imitation instantly. 

A file is attached with more info. 


File on the Prop-ifier

Fortnite Prop-ifier

When using a Prop-ifier, you’ll be presented with a holographic display of your Prop options. Choose the Prop you want to be, then activate! As a Prop, you’ll be able to move around — but to be extra sneaky — you can choose to settle in place. You won’t be totally immune to a watchful eye, though. When settled, you’ll briefly glitch every now and then, kind of like old TV static. (It’s only a Prop, so it can’t be perfect.)

Where to find Prop-ifiers? They can be found from Chests, on top of Abductors, and in the Mothership.

Balance Changes

  • The Aliens continue to make the Island their home: the availability of Alien Nanites from the ground has become greater.


  • Last week, Prop Disguise services from vendors were disabled due to an issue. We'll let players know when these services are re-enabled.
  • Please note that the Prop-ifier is not present in competitive playlists.