Fortnite Wild Weeks Kick Off with Fighting Fire with Fire

The Fortnite Team


You’ve heard it said that the Island has grown wild. That was only the beginning. 
Starting today, May 6, 2021, the Island will see the arrival of Wild Weeks. Each week, a unique gameplay dynamic will be emphasized — mixing things up and making you rethink your strategy. The first Wild Week? Fighting Fire with Fire.
Fortnite Wild Weeks Fighting Fire with Fire
Fireflies and Flame Bows will heat up the action with their greater availability, and the Flare Gun from Chapter 2 Season 3 has made a rekindled return! It’s never been easier to set enemy structures ablaze, which is fitting when you consider this week’s Legendary Quest. Additionally, fire will deal more damage and spread faster than before.
Fighting Fire with Fire will be alight from May 6 at 10 AM ET until May 13 at 10 AM ET. That’s one full week, Thursday to Thursday. The next Wild Weeks are planned to start on May 13, May 20, and June 3. For the details on these, stay illumined on or our social channels. See you next (wild) week!