Fortnite Wild Weeks: Reach New Heights with High Flying Week!


Sent to the Hot Saucers mailing list:

The IO trying to outstealth the Aliens resulted in a stalemate, so now the IO’s trying to out… airtime them?!? Not airtime like the Hot Saucers podcast… airtime as in literally being in the air. 

Everyone’s throwing themselves everywhere using stuff the IO brought to the Island, so we think it’s safe to say the next “Wild Week” has begun. (File attached with more info.)


📂 Wild Week #2 of the Invasion: High Flying Week

Fortnite High Flying Wild Week

Both the Aliens and IO have retired their stealth tactics, but the IO has shaken up the Island another way. Skydive on demand with the unvaulted Rift-To-Gos, ricochet opponents with the unvaulted Bouncers, and ascend on the spot with more abundant Launch Pads. Oh, and to keep up with the airtime demand, more vendors are selling Spawn Rift services.

While you’re spending so much time switching between land and air, complete this week’s Legendary Quest chain: a mission to deal damage after gliding. A timely way to earn extra XP!

Throw yourself every which way this Wild Week.

📂 More Wild Weeks to Come

Fortnite Invasion Wild Weeks

With all we know about the Aliens and IO, we anticipate this won’t be the last Wild Week. Until the end of the invasion, expect a new Island change-up — and fitting Legendary Quest chain — each Thursday.