Fortnite Winter Creator Callouts 2021

The Fortnite Team

Greetings creators,

Winter is upon us and nothing is better than sipping some hot chocolate and playing some amazing games. To celebrate, we’re doing two callouts this winter! We’re looking for your best winter-themed maps, Hubs, and games in our Winter creator callout, and awesome high-tech game experiences in our Squad Games callout. Creators can participate and submit different maps for both callouts. Each callout will have its own section in Discovery. 

Winter Creator Callout

To help you design even more amazing experiences we’ve added and updated some of your favorite devices.

  • New Character Device 🕺
  • New Switch Device🎚️
  • Updated Elimination Manger 🎯

When creating your experience, look to incorporate one of the following for the best chance to have your experience featured: 

  • Social games, encouraging players to make new friends and tell their own stories 💬  
  • Party-sized experiences of all genres 🎉
  • Single-player narrative experiences... maybe a cheerful one? ☃️

Share your content on social media with the whole community using #Winterfest. Find a team to build with on our Fortnite Creative Discord using the Winterfest-Callout channel. It’s also a great place to get advice on your creations! The best submissions that meet the requirements will appear in the Winterfest Discover section.

Map picks will be finalized the week of November 30, 2021, at 4 am UTC.

High Stakes Callout

This callout is designed for creators who enjoy using the latest released Fortnite Creative tech. The experiences created for this callout do not need to be winter-themed-- we’re looking for high-stakes progressive minigames.

The Creative games we’re looking for will use the following:


  • Each game should contain several mini-games
  • Each mini-game should take no more than five minutes
  • Games should be 16+ players
  • Each game should give players a placement to track score

Score Keeping & Progression:

  • Players should be aware of when they are winning and know how much they have won historically. 

Round based competition:

  • Many players enter, only a few win
  • Each round has a distinct game
  • Games should have simple and clear rules

We are particularly interested in games that have:

  • Instantly understandable and extremely clear gameplay: 
    • Rules are familiar, simple, and easily communicated
  • Rising tension and drama: 
    • Stakes grow with each round. Failures are dramatic.
  • Strategic speculation: 
    • “What should I do?” “What is everyone else doing?” 
    • Players are able to observe and learn from other players attempting to complete challenges
  • Dynamic social relations: 
    • “Should we team up?” “Can I still trust you?”
    • Give players the option to collaborate, or go alone
  • Interesting and unique themes:
    • What world is the game set in?
  • High stakes
    • Large rewards for winning, huge costs for losing
  • Unique elimination mechanics
    • Players dropped into lava, sent to fight velociraptors, sent into space, etc. 

We’ll be creating a section in the Discover menu to promote these high-stakes experiences. 


What will give you the best shot at creating a successful Creative experience? Including design features like the following will help your map stick out in a good way:


  • Great tutorials and onboarding so that players brand new to Fortnite could be able to jump in and understand what’s happening.
  • New players shouldn’t be overwhelmed by complex mechanics. Rather, gently lead players into deeper experiences. 


  • For example, economy systems that…
    • Let players interact with each other to become more powerful
    • Are easy to understand, but difficult to master
      • They could stay simple, or include things like crafting and trading


  • Players feel rewarded for playing and improving in your game 
  • Players want to come back daily to keep working towards their goals
  • This could include mechanics like... 
    • Skill and leveling systems
    • Character unlockables and chase items (like houses, pets, or trophies)
    • Unique ways to flex your skill or prowess within your game


Important: Be sure to read our Fortnite Featured Hub design guidelines before sending in your submission. 

Winterfest callout submission: Use the dropdown “Winterfest Callout” in the Fortnite Creative Featured Content form by November 30, 2021, 4 am UTC. 

High Stakes submission: Use the dropdown “High Tech Callout” in the Fortnite Creative Featured Content form by November 30, 2021, 4 am UTC. 

Discover Submission: Apply to appear in Discover from the Fortnite Discover Submission form.

Remember that all submissions must be original work and be sure to follow the Fortnite Creative featured content guidelines.

Due to the increase in submissions during Creator Callouts, we’ll be shutting down map submissions not related to the callouts from November 1, 2021 to January 3, 2022.