Fortnitemares Creator Callout for 2021

The Fortnite Team

Greetings creators,

It’s that time again… Spooky Szn is upon us! We’re looking for your best Halloween themed maps, games and experiences.

We’ll be featuring more of your creations than ever before through Discovery! We’re working on improving the visibility and searchability of your creations in Fortnite. Later in October, a “Fortnitemares” section will be added to the Discovery menu and all games submitted to the callout will be featured there!

  • Fortnitemares themed props and prefabs 🎃
  • Social games, encouraging players to make new friends and tell their own stories 💬  
  • Party-sized experiences of all genres 🎉
  • Single-player narrative experiences... maybe a scary one? 👻

Share your content on social with the whole community using #Fortnitemares. Find a team to build with on our Fortnite Creative discord, using channel Fortnitemares-Callout. It’s also a great place to get advice on your creations!

Map picks will be finalized the week of October 1, 2021. After submissions close, we’ll be mentoring standout creators and helping them hone their skills to make their experiences the best they can possibly be! 

‘Nightfair’ Spotlight

Looking for inspiration? As an example of what’s possible in Creative, Epic worked with Meta4 Interactive, a passionate team of developers to bring you Nightfair, a survivor horror game built entirely in Fortnite. Meta4 utilized new and recently introduced features to build this frighteningly fun game! We highly recommend you check it out for inspiration.

Meta4 Interactive’s Nightfair is a fairground full of peril and its host, a dangerous villain known only as the TPK, has arrived to challenge your wits and will. A team of Six Survivors must work together to escape the wrath of TPK, and his maniacal minion the hunter in this asymmetrical survival horror experience. Are you up to the challenge? 

Meta4 Interactive’s Nightfair is now live to play in Creative. You brave this terrifying fairground experience with friends by entering the island code 8342-0826-6393 or searching for ‘Nightfair’ in Discovery. If you want to join their community and get updates on their studio’s projects, check out their Discord Channel.

17CM NightFairCLTM Social

Taking Your Creation to the Next Level

What will give you the best shot at creating a successful Creative experience? Including design features like the following will help your map stick out in a good way:


  • Great tutorials and onboarding so that players brand new to Fortnite could be able to jump in and understand what’s happening
  • New players won’t be overwhelmed by complex mechanics, rather, gently led into deeper experiences. 


  • For example, Economy systems that…
    • Let players interact with each other to become more powerful
    • Are easy to understand, but difficult to master
      • They could stay simple, or include things like crafting and trading


  • Players feel rewarded for playing and improving in your game 
  • Players want to come back daily to keep working towards their goals
  • This could include mechanics like... 
    • Skill and leveling systems
    • Character unlockables and chase items (like houses, pets, or trophies)
    • Unique ways to flex your skill or prowess within your game


Important: Be sure to read our Fortnite Featured Hub design guidelines before sending in your submission. 

Submit your game in the Fortnite Creative Featured Content form by October 1. Use the dropdown “Seasonal Event.”

Remember that all submissions must be original work and be sure to follow the Fortnite Creative featured content guidelines.