Fortnite’s Show Your Style Set: Introducing Wrappables!

The Fortnite Team

You’ve put your Wraps on your weapons and Motorboats, but now, it’s time to put them on yourself! The Show Your Style Set marks the debut of Wrappables. Outfits, Back Blings, and Pickaxes in the Set can be edited to display any of your Wraps, and you’re even able to mix and match ‘em. Want to equip the Magma Wrap on your Outfit and the Frosty Glow Wrap on your Back Bling? Go for it! 

The “primary color” of the items shown below can be edited as well. For the Outfits, this affects their hair color and parts of their clothing. All players who purchase at least one of the Wrappable Outfits — either now or when they’re in the Item Shop in the future — will receive the free new Pixellator Wrap! See all the new items:

Fortnite Show Your Style Female Outfits

Five of the ten Show Your Style Outfits.

Fortnite Show Your Style Male Outfits

The other five Show Your Style Outfits.

Fortnite Hologlyph Back Bling, Sleek Hologlyph Back Bling, Futureproof Flail Pickaxe, and Holoslash Pickaxe

The Hologlyph and Sleek Hologlyph Back Blings, and the Futureproof Flail and Holoslash Pickaxes.

Show your style more visibly than ever before.