Fortnite’s The Twelve Swords Invitational

Fortnite’s The Twelve Swords Invitational Starts February 24!

The Fortnite Team
Hey everyone!

Recently, 12 of the most courageous content creators in North America were invited to prove themselves in a tournament taking place on some of the School of Llama islands, made by island creators Team Vysena and Team Unite.
Watch them take on The Twelve Swords Invitational on February the 24 at 8 PM ET.

Here are the warriors participating in The Twelve Swords Invitational:
  • NickEh30!
  • Luality
  • Ranger
  • Catsen
  • Sparkles_QT
  • FightinCowboy
  • SypherPK
  • Angel Alyx
  • HeadShotChick
  • Deejay Knight
  • Vanessuh
  • Okaydrian
Tune into their livestream to watch them compete in this invitational. Good luck to all the competitors!