Fortography Results: Windwalker Echo & Heroes!

The Fortnite Team

In her soaring across worlds, Unreal Engine hero Windwalker Echo recently arrived on the Island. 

To celebrate, we asked you to take photos of heroes flying in the sky — but inspired by your early submissions, we also accepted heroes in almost any kind of adventure. Here are some of our favorite shots you shared!

Rasori10 Windwalker Echo Fortography

Going where the winds lead her next. Photo by @Rasori10.

Gughost7 Windwalker Echo Fortography

Slay the villain. Photo by @Gughost7.

matttteyo Hero Fortography

The superhero of Chapter 2 Season 7. Photo by @mattteyo.

xdemon0 Hero Fortography

No stranger to space danger. Photo by u/xdemon0.

Legendyss Windwalker Echo Fortography

Light during darkness. Photo by @Legendyss.

BojanFN Hero Fortography

Heroes bring the peace. Photo by @BojanFN.

xGugan17x Hero Fortography

Hero heavy lifting. Photo by @xGugan17x.

smitj019 Hero Fortography

Putting on a show. Photo by @smitj019.

Jajukween Hero Fortography

Straight to the target. Photo by @Jajukween.

SomeAnT542 Windwalker Echo Fortography

Many more adventures await. Photo by @SomeAnT542.

Thank you for your screenshots of Windwalker Echo and other heroes! Stay tuned to @FortniteGame and the Fortnite News page for the next Fortography theme. 📷