Fortnite Free Guy Outfit

Free Guy Quests in Fortnite

The Fortnite Team

Update (August 18, 2021)

Quest Update: Due to Free City obligations, the Free Guy Quests will now conclude on September 2 at 10:00 AM ET

Meet Guy. He’s just your ordinary, everyday… nevermind. Guy’s just learned his life as a Bank Teller isn’t exactly what he thought. He’s actually a background player in an open-world game. So now he’s arriving in Fortnite?

Well, sort of. In case you didn’t know, Guy’s really busy trying to save Free City. So while he doesn’t get to ride the Battle Bus, he’s still committed to making a special appearance. Search for ATM machines and follow Guy’s instructions to complete the newly-released Free Guy Quests. 

Free Guy In Fortnite

Find the ATM and learn what’s next from Guy!

Your reward? A chance to show your good… no... great side with the Good Guy Emote. Note: The Good Guy Emote will be fully localized in-game.

“He doesn’t look like a good guy, does he?”

No he’s not. While Guy was too busy to arrive in Fortnite, the Dude flexes his way into the Item Shop tonight at 8pm ET.

Fortnite Dude Outfit
Fortnite needed Guy. They got a Dude.


Check out the Free Guy in-game Quests between August 12 and September 2.

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