Frosty Fortnite - Creative Community Event Returns 2020

The Fortnite Team


Can you feel the chill in the air? #FrostyFortnite is back! This holiday season, we’re going to unleash a blizzard of your most frigid fabrications for Fortnite players to enjoy. Submit and share a winter-themed Welcome hub, game, or artistic piece and you might find yourself featured in our winter wonderland of amazing creations.

Submissions must be original work, so islands inspired by popular movies, video games, or other entertainment IPs won’t be accepted.

Here are some games from last year to help get those creative juices flowing:

Arctic Alps: Driftboard FFA by Buszels

Frosty Fortnite Arctic Alps Driftboard Ffa By Buszels
Snowball Fight by Ritual

Frosty Fortnite Snowball Fight By Ritual

Frost Fight by ocdfx

Frosty Fortnite Frost Fight By Ocdfx

How to Submit Your Frosty Fortnite Creative Game by December 15

All in-game content should be submitted to the official form for consideration by December 15. Select the genre picklist option “Seasonal Event” for your Island to be considered, and don’t forget to set up a camera in your Island so players have a preview before jumping in-game. 

Remember you can share Frosty Fortnite Islands in the Creative Discord and the Creative Subreddit, as well as on Twitter using the hashtag #FrostyFortnite.

Stay Frosty!