Hold Loosely onto Love with the Folly Outfit in Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team

Everyone plays the fool sometimes in the court of love.

Just in time for the season of love, Folly hides her face from heartbreak now in Fortnite. Try to be the breaker of hearts instead with the Folly Outfit and amour more in the Item Shop!

Fall for the Folly Outfit

Fortnite Folly Outfit and Accessory Items

In the Locker, choose to put Folly’s mask on or take it back off. Fitting accessories for Folly are in the Item Shop as well:

  • Folly's Heartcase Back Bling - Hard-hearted and stylishly sharp. (Included with the Folly Outfit.)

  • Heartache Pickaxe - Pretty. Dangerous.

  • Jester's Privilege Wrap - Love is fun and games sometimes.

Discover New Games You’ll Love

Still some room in your heart? Check out the Feel the Love Discover row for some islands perfect for playing with a beloved party member! This row will be in Discover until 12 AM ET on February 20, 2023.

Come out of the court of love a winner!