Hottest Racing Map Codes in Fortnite Creative

The Fortnite Team

Put your driving skills to the test as you race through these amazing Creator made experiences and more in Fortnite.

Ready, Set Go!

Race into the Fornite Discover tab to put your skills to the test as you look to cross the finish line first! Explore a variety of Creator made racing games and obstacle courses or jump in with a friend and battle it out with rockets! Learn more about our featured racing games this month below:

Racing Map Fortnite Codes

Popular Fortnite racing games include: 

Rocket Vs Cars Ultimate: - 0211-7730-5637

Play as a sniper and stop the cars from eliminating your team or be a driver and slide down the ramp to eliminate the snipers! Use the coins you earn to buy better items or to increase the speed of your vehicles. Built by: et_pera.

Frontal Crashes: - 6130-1432-8382
A frantic race inside a huge obstacle course! Every time you pass a checkpoint, your car will change! Built by: SepixSC. 

Figure 8 Jump Race: - 8551-3819-8153
Race to complete insane jumps while avoiding the chaos of crashes and rockets! Take a break from the action and complete fun challenges to show off your talent. Built by: Benz4ducks

Search for the Fortnite Racing island name or enter the Map Code and start playing, last one there is a rotten Peely!