How to Get the Fortnite Street Shadows Challenge Pack

The Fortnite Team

Fortnite Street Shadows Challenge Pack

How to get the Street Shadows Challenge Pack in Fortnite? Simply log into Fortnite from the Epic Games Launcher on PC any time from May 20 to June 17 and claim the free Street Shadows Challenge Pack from the Item Shop! Then, complete the Challenges to unlock brand new Locker items!

When does the Street Shadows Challenge Pack offer end?

Log in and claim the Challenge Pack from the Item Shop before the offer expires at 11 AM ET on June 17. Then, complete the Challenges at your own pace (on any platform) to unlock each Locker item.

Where in-game can I claim the Challenge Pack?

In the Item Shop.

Do I have to complete the Challenges before the offer ends?

No, once unlocked, the Street Shadow Challenges will remain available to you for as long as it takes for you to complete them.

Where can I track my progress in these Challenges?

These Challenges will appear in the Quests screen alongside your other active Quests.

Can I progress in these Street Shadow Challenges on any platform?

Yes, once the Challenges are unlocked, you can make progress in them on any platform. They can be completed on any platform as well.

Can I use the cosmetics/Locker items on any platform?

Yes, once each cosmetic is unlocked, it joins the rest of the items in your Locker. They are available to use wherever you play Fortnite.

My current PC is below the minimum specifications required to play Fortnite, but I actively play on other platforms. Am I able to redeem this offer?

In order to redeem this offer, you must be able to launch Fortnite, navigate to the Item Shop tab, and collect the Challenge Pack. You do not need to be able to launch onto the Island. As a result, you may still be able to redeem this offer. Additionally, players are able to access Fortnite on PC via GeForce Now.

Am I able to redeem this offer without creating an Epic Games account?

Installing the Epic Games Launcher and creating an Epic Games account is required for downloading and installing Fortnite on PC.

Will the cosmetics of the Street Shadows Challenge Pack be available in the Fortnite Item Shop?

The cosmetics earnable in the Challenge Pack will enter the Item Shop at a later date, available for purchase with V-Bucks.

My PC barely runs Fortnite. Why should I care about this Challenge Pack?

We have recently updated Fortnite on PC with Performance Mode, which allows low spec devices to achieve significant performance improvements and install the game with a smaller file size. If your PC didn’t run Fortnite all that well previously, this is the perfect time to see how the game runs on your device now. Read more about Fortnite Performance Mode.