Introducing Direct Event Binding for Creating Fortnite Islands

The Fortnite Team

Hey island creators,

Today we’re introducing a new system which will completely change the way you build islands: Direct Event Binding. Allowing devices to communicate directly, Direct Event Binding will make your workflow more intuitive and freeform. Using the new UI it introduces, you can manually set functions and events directly from your devices. Read on to learn how this change will replace Channels and how you can best take advantage of the new features. 

Why Device Communication is Changing

We’re expanding the possibilities of what creators can accomplish in Creative. The switch to Direct Event Binding is an essential step in helping you make mechanics that are more complex and diverse.

Direct Event Binding is currently an opt-in system. In the future, we plan on removing the existing Channels system, so we recommend you begin adapting your mechanics to take advantage of Direct Event Binding now. We will give you plenty of warning as we get closer to the removal of Channels.

Because Direct Event Binding is currently opt-in, all islands will still use Channels by default for the time being. 

With Direct Event Binding, you no longer have to worry about hitting the maximum Channel limit. Instead, you can connect devices directly to each other and set them to react to events and respond with functions. This also removes the need to reuse Channels, and planning your Channel allocation is a thing of the past.

We still encourage you to document the systems you create and give your devices unique and descriptive names so you know how to navigate your systems effectively while you are working with them.

Converting Your Existing Islands

In order to prevent any accidental issues when converting your islands, we urge you to duplicate the island first and test the conversion on the duplicate. Once an island is converted to Direct Event Binding, it cannot be switched back to Channels. 

To switch to the new system, open the Tools tab in the My Island settings. Locate the Event System setting and hit Convert. 

English Image1

We have done our best to make sure this transition is as seamless as possible for you. All unnamed devices now have a unique name and will automatically connect to the devices they were originally affiliated with. Each device’s UI will change so that you can directly edit what the device is bound to. 

In the below example, after converting the island's Event System from “Channels” to “Direct Event Binding,” the Customizable Light device automatically connects to the Button device that originally activated the light using Channel 1. You can see the Channel setting and the Direct Event Binding setting in the screenshots below.


English Image2

Direct Event Binding:

English Image3

Additional Enhancements with Direct Event Binding

Direct Event Binding should significantly speed up your workflow, allowing you to make important changes and additions all in one place. 

Using the previous “Button to Customizable Light” example, if you need to add a new Button to turn off the Customizable Light, it’s now as simple as copying the original Button and changing the event to Turn Off, as demonstrated in the below screenshot. You can even rename the two Buttons to “Light On” and “Light Off” for full clarity when managing events.

English Image4

Additionally, with Direct Event Binding, you can copy and paste an entire group of devices without having to reconfigure any connections. 

Under the Channels system, the copied devices would remain on Channel 1 and either Button would affect both customizable lights. You would have to manually edit each device to different Channels. Each group will now work uniquely within itself, instead of all connecting to the original group. This means you can now easily copy entire mechanics, such as one team’s base to another. Then, you would only have to change the relevant team-specific settings for the light to work.

Another huge advantage of Direct Event Binding is the removal of the Channel limit. Under the Channels system, the “Button to Customizable Light” example would use new Channels each time it’s used on an island. Now, you are able to duplicate it repeatedly without using any Channels at all. Memory will now be your only limitation.

Fortnite Copy and Paste Devices

We are excited to introduce this overhaul of our mechanics system to allow you to build faster and create more complex systems. As you dive in, don’t forget to test your islands and let us know what bugs you might be facing in the Fortnite Creators Discord server. Remember that we will eventually retire the Channels System, so get a head start on migrating your islands today.

Tag us at @FNCreate on Twitter and let us know what new mechanics you are excited to optimize with Direct Event Binding!

Direct Event Binding FAQ

What are Events and Functions?

An Event is the execution of an action from a device. A Function is the performance of a device’s action, or its condition when receiving an event of a separate device.

What happens if I switch to the Direct Event Binding system?

The previous Channels system will disappear on your island and you’ll see an updated UI allowing you to connect the device directly to other devices.

Can I switch back to the Channels system?

After converting your island to Direct Event Binding, you will not be able to switch back to Channels. We recommend you duplicate your island first and test it before converting your existing island.

Will I still be able to use Channels?

We will continue to support Channels for a period of time to allow creators to adjust their islands to the new system. Eventually, Direct Event Binding will be the only system available.

What happens to the Channel Browser?

We are working on a new feature that will allow you to see the event bindings in your islands. We’ll let you know when this becomes available in a future update — we know that good event binding information is important to streamlining your workflow and debugging your games.