Introducing Epic’s Picks in Discover

The Fortnite Team

UPDATE (AUGUST 14, 2023)

The Epic’s Picks selection process has changed since the publication of this blog post. The “Epic’s Picks Selection Process” section has been updated to reflect this.

We’ve been working hard on the future of Discover, and today we’re debuting a new row placement: Epic’s Picks. This new editorially curated row will feature a variety of islands including your original creations, experiences from our partners, limited time events, and more.

Our team is excited to assemble amazing islands — some brand new, some returning classics, and some limited time — that we think every player should check out.

Epic’s Picks Selection Process

To keep Epic’s Picks fresh and exciting, we’ll be selecting a variety of your creations each week to showcase alongside some of our partners’ creations.

Before you can apply for Epic’s Picks, your island must be approved for Discover. Unpublished islands, islands with private island codes, or islands from creators not in our Fortnite Island Creator & Engagement Program will be ineligible for Discover. (If you aren’t part of the Fortnite Island Creator & Engagement Program yet, sign up on the Creator Portal.)

Additionally, familiarize yourself with our Island Impersonation Policy and keep your island original. All submissions must be original works and must follow the Fortnite Creative featured content guidelines.

You can submit your islands for consideration by using the Creative Content submission form once your island has been approved for Discover. We keep an eye out for fun and exciting islands on social media as well! To increase the likelihood of your island being featured, make sure to avoid these common mistakes when applying.

As always, there is no guarantee that your island will be selected for Epic’s Picks, but we encourage you to submit islands that you think are particularly special.

Have an island you feel is really special? Submit it today!