Introducing LEGO Styles for Fortnite Outfits!

The Fortnite Team

With the Fortnite v28.00 update, over 1,200 Outfits now have a LEGO® Style in addition to their regular Fortnite Style! LEGO Styles are playable in upcoming LEGO experiences inside Fortnite, including the all-new survival crafting adventure LEGO Fortnite. LEGO Fortnite launches December 7, 2023… the adventure is building!

LEGO Styles for Outfits you already own will be in your Locker automatically at no additional cost. The same applies to a number of existing Emotes you can use with the LEGO Styles of your Outfits.

Fortnite Style and LEGO Style

To find Outfits that have a LEGO Style, check the Outfit’s detail page when browsing the Shop or your Locker. New LEGO Styles will be added to Fortnite often! Be sure to check your Locker to see if a higher detailed LEGO Style will be added in the future.

Stay tuned for more info on LEGO Fortnite soon!