Introducing Postparty: Capture Clips of Fortnite on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

The Fortnite Team

Did a teammate shockwave an enemy your way so you could finish them off with a snowball? Or maybe you narrowly escaped defeat with a Dirt Bike getaway? No matter what achievement you just pulled off, make sure you never forget it by capturing a clip to share with others! 

With the new Postparty mobile app, capture clips of your Fortnite gameplay on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC — then watch and share the clips to social media. You can also save the clips to your mobile device! See how Postparty works with Fortnite below. (Postparty can capture Rocket League clips too 🚗.)

Postparty Video Game Clip Sharing App

How to Capture Fortnite Clips with Postparty

  1. Download the Postparty app from your iOS or Android device. On iOS? Download Postparty from the App Store! On Android? Download Postparty from the Google Play Store or via the Epic Games App from the Samsung Galaxy Store!
  2. Sign up to Postparty with your Epic Games account so that you can start capturing clips in Fortnite.
  3. Launch Fortnite on your PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC. Hold your platform’s capture button/key* to capture your last 30 seconds of gameplay. (Please note that player voice chat and text chat is not included in the capture.)

    *"Options" button on PlayStation controllers, "Menu" button on Xbox controllers, "+" button on Nintendo Switch controllers, "Esc" key on keyboard
  4. After your capture, the clip will appear in your Postparty app library. (Processing may take up to five minutes.) Select the clip and trim it to your desired length, with the minimum length being three seconds.
  5. Once you have your clip how you like it, share it to the social media platform of your choice to show off your elim or other accomplishment! You can also save the clip to your mobile device.

Please note: 

  • After each elimination you get in Fortnite, you’ll receive an in-game prompt encouraging you to capture a clip if you’ve signed up to Postparty with your Epic Games account. You can disable this prompt (but still capture your Fortnite gameplay anytime) by turning off “Clipping Reminders” in the “Clipping” section of Fortnite’s Account and Privacy settings.

  • Postparty can capture your Fortnite gameplay in Battle Royale and creator-made islands. However, it cannot capture your gameplay in Save the World.

Share Your First Fortnite Clip for In-Game Rewards!

After sharing your first Fortnite clip from the Postparty app, you’ll receive the Post That! Wrap and Postparty Confetti Spray in Fortnite next time you return to the in-game Lobby!

Fortnite Post That! Wrap and Postparty Confetti Spray

Capture the moment post-moment, then post it for others!