Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord

Introducing the Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord!

The Fortnite Team

Fortnite Weekly Leaderboard EN

Level up your gaming with the Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord.

This new Discord app is able to create leaderboards for any of your servers on a daily, weekly, and seasonal level. With this app, you can establish leaderboards for you and your Discord friends, and see who is at the top for the following stats:

  • Victory Royales

  • Eliminations

  • Assists

  • Damage Dealt

  • Fish Caught

  • Driving Distance

Only stats from the day you linked your Epic Games account will count for the FN Leaderboard Bot.

How To Set Up Your “Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord” Bot

  1.  Invite the bot to your server, following this link -, authorize it to be in your and your friend's Discord server. 

  2. Go to the Discord server and using the /create slash command, setup the leaderboard to one of the Discord channels.

  3. Interact with the leaderboard and link your Epic Games account.

  4. Play Fortnite and see your progress on the leaderboard!

Note: Only stats from the day you linked your Epic Games account will count.

Automated Posts and Role Hooks 

  • Create Automated Posts to automatically post leaderboard's for you on any channel of your server by using the /config automated-posts set slash command!
  • Create Automated Role Rewards for the best players in your server leaderboard'sby using the /config role-hooks set slash command.  
  • You can always use the /help command if you are stuck.

Other Info

The Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord can track your stats in the “Battle Royale,” “Zero Build - Battle Royale,” “Ranked Battle Royale,” and “Ranked Zero Build” experiences by Epic.

The “Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord” bot can also be found in all official Fortnite servers. The bot in these servers will display the stats of users who connect their Epic account to it and choose to participate in that specific bot’s leaderboard.

If at any point you want to opt out from the Leaderboard, you can do so by using the command /settings and clicking on “Switch Account”.

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Challenge your friends and see who’s the champion of your server!