It’s Back! The Short Nite Film Festival Returns this May in Fortnite

The Fortnite Team

The Short Nite Film Festival is back! Starting Thursday, May 12, at 2 PM ET, head to the Short Nite row in the Discover page and watch a selection of nine animated shorts — including the world premiere of three. (There's also a tenth short! See below for more info.)

After choosing a short, you’ll be transported to its individual theater room. The rest of the shorts will play after it finishes, but you can return to the Discover page if there’s a specific short you want to skip to. This Short Nite runs until 2 PM ET on Monday, May 16, 2022!

Additional Short Nite Details

Watching with a Group

Want to enjoy the Short Nite Film Festival with a group? You can party up for each film with up to seven other players!

Other Ways to Watch

Players have the option to watch the films via Picture-in-Picture while playing other Creative experiences, Battle Royale, and more. This option is accessible through the settings. (The films will play in a loop in Picture-in-Picture.)

The Venue

After your chosen film finishes, you can stay in its theater room to watch the remaining films (playing in a loop), or jump to a different theater room to skip to a specific one. There are ten films in total, but one of them doesn’t have its own theater room. Instead, it’s split in three parts and can be viewed in the loop of all films! 

A Sweet Treat

You probably devoured a whole lot of popcorn in past Short Nites, but how about something sweet? Starting Wednesday, May 11, at 8 PM ET, the Snackin’ Emote will be atop shelves in the Item Shop. Throw back some candy with this Emote while watching the films!

Get ready for a new slate of animated shorts. 🎬