Laugh it Up in Fortnite at JokeNite Produced by Trevor Noah

The Fortnite Team

Need a laugh? Starting today, head to the JokeNite comedy club in Fortnite! The JokeNite Produced by Trevor Noah island is built by Epic with UEFN and features bite-sized sets from four renowned stand-up comedians. Enter this island through the “Epic’s Picks” row in Discover or the island code 6296-7829-6524.

Take Your Seat in JokeNite

 Time to enjoy the show! Sit down and watch these four comedians take the stage:

  • Matthew Broussard (taking the form of Cuddle King), featured on Comedy Central and Conan

  • Marcia Belsky (taking the form of Opal), musician-comedian seen on Comedy Central and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

  • Scott Seiss (taking the form of Grill Sergeant), otherwise known as TikTok’s angry retail guy

  • Preacher Lawson (taking the form of Wailing Warrior), a finalist on America’s Got Talent

At the beginning of the show, you and the rest of the audience will get to vote for which acts you want to see perform. If no one votes, you’ll watch a little bit of everyone’s act in the Mega-Medley

 While you’re at it, don’t forget to try out JokeNite’s TV mode, which you can turn on to replicate the camera style of a classic stand-up special.

Fortnite JokeNite Produced by Trevor Noah

The JokeNite doors are open — sit down for some stand-up starting now!

JokeNite was produced by Trevor Noah, Day Zero Productions, and Mainstay Entertainment, developed by Evil Eye Pictures.