Lazarbeam Enters the Fortnite Icon Series!

The Fortnite Team

All right mate, time to get fired up: the Icon Series’ latest Creator is the true-blue Lazarbeam! Lazarbeam’s Set will be available in the Item Shop starting Thursday, March 4, 2021, at 7 PM ET.

Lazarbeam joins the Icon Series ready to put in some work. Put on your toolbelt, sunnies, and hardhat with the upcoming Lazarbeam Outfit (and if you’re trying to beat the heat, switch to the breezier Relaxedbeam Style). When you’re ready for a break, take a Meat Pie from your cooler with the upcoming Lunch Break Emote, then get back at it swinging with the Ol’ Mate Sledgy Pickaxe. Also, take your son to work with you with the Baby Gingy Back Bling.

Fortnite Lazarbeam Outfit And Items

Have a seat and play the Lunch Break Emote:

Like the Lazarbeam Outfit, the Ol’ Mate Sledgy Pickaxe comes in two Styles. (Each is a different size.) All the items in Lazarbeam’s Set will be available individually or as part of the Lazarbeam Bundle.

Unlock the Lazarbeam Bundle Early with Lazar & Fresh’s Super Knockback 

Joining us in celebrating Lazarbeam’s Icon Series entry is fellow Creator Fresh

On March 3, 2021, Lazar & Fresh’s Super Knockback will take place — a tournament inspired by Lazarbeam’s favorite weapon the Flint-Knock Pistol. In this Duos tournament, top-performing teams in each region will unlock the Lazarbeam Bundle before it’s in the Item Shop!

In Lazar & Fresh’s Super Knockback, many of the weapons at your disposal are more powerful versions of knockback weapons. You’ll find Lazar’s Flight-Knock, a custom version of the Flint-Knock Pistol, from Supply Drops. And if you’ve taken damage, you can Emote to heal. Fall damage is vaulted.

Fortnite Lazar and Fresh's Super Knockback Tournament

Specific timing for each region can be found in the Compete tab in-game, and you’ll be able to play up to 10 matches in your region’s 3-hour window. To compete, players must have 2FA enabled on their account. Check out the Lazar & Fresh’s Super Knockback official rules for more details. 

Watching the tournament while you play? Don’t miss Lazarbeam participating with Fresh, his Duos partner. Both will be streaming the tournament live.

Yeet yourself far in this contest of legends.

Lazarbeam With Hardhat