Leaderboards and Team Voice Chat Are Here!

The Fortnite Team
Heya Fort Fam,

In this update, we will be adding Leaderboards and Team Voice Chat. Let’s talk about leaderboards first, because who doesn’t like a little bragging. 


We will be providing a variety of categories to start, and plan to add more in the future:
  • Wins
  • Top 10 Finishes (and variants for duo, squad)
  • Top 25 Finishes (and variants for duo, squad)

There will be two different leaderboards:  

A weekly rotating one where you can track your progress against other Battle Bus riders. 


Who doesn't like a little bragging with friends? We’ll have one just for that! Compare how you rank up against your squad (also weekly).


You can toggle between these scoreboards using the boxes to denote either Solo, Duo or Squad and by Friends or Division.

Voice Chat

Have you ever wanted to warn your friend about the enemy around the corner, but you weren't partied? Fear not! We now have voice chat.


Voice Chat will be enabled by default. For PC users this will be push-to-talk and for console players it will be voice activation. If you want to adjust your settings simply head to the escape menu and select audio and adjust (for push-to-talk it’s under inputs). 


Now you are set to communicate that optimal strat!