LEGO Islands in Fortnite: A New Way to Play!

The Fortnite Team

You might be conquering the wilderness in LEGO® Fortnite, but now it’s time to take on different adventures with LEGO islands: a series of family-friendly experiences that the LEGO Group has created using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN)! Build your way out of shark-infested waters in LEGO Raft Survival and watch your footing as you carefully step into LEGO Obby Fun.

You can find these first two LEGO islands in Fortnite’s Discover screen!

Plunge into LEGO Raft Survival

Ahoy there, matey! Unless you want to end up in Davy Jones’ Locker, you better ready your bricks for the nautical dangers that await in LEGO Raft Survival, inspired by the classic LEGO Pirates theme.

In this survival game, you and up to three other landbuilders will test your sea legs by drifting onto the high seas aboard small river rafts. But this is far from a relaxing ride — you’ll be bombarded with cannon fire from the infamous Barracuda Ship! If you don’t wanna feed the fish, you’ll need to support your fellow crewmates and build new rafts to keep afloat.

Hobble Along in LEGO Obby Fun

You should mind where you step! In LEGO Obby Fun, you’ll be navigating obstacle courses full to the brick of worrisome walkways, hazardous hills, and perilous paths. But don’t worry — you can bring up to nine friends to help you keep your balance as you head towards the finish line.

With more than 300 levels to complete inspired by classic LEGO themes, there are a lot of new sights to discover! Reckon you've got what it takes to finish them all?

The first two LEGO islands are available now. Keep a lookout for new LEGO islands, and of course, stay tuned for continued updates to LEGO Fortnite!