Let Your Creativity Snow - Fortnite’s 2022 Winterfest Callout!

The Fortnite Team

UPDATE (October 21, 2022)

To ensure we are able to thoroughly review the Winterfest Callout submissions, we have updated the submission due date to December 1, 2022, at 4 PM ET (instead of the original due date of December 6, 2022, at 12 AM ET). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Greetings creators,

Have you felt that chill in the air? The holiday season will soon be upon us and that means the Fortnite community will be looking for new experiences in Winterfest 2022! Step up to the challenge in this year’s Winterfest Callout.

The holidays are all about making memories, and with all the new devices and tools added this year, we know you’ll be able to build something truly unique and memorable by creating experiences which are brand new — or inspired by the Winterfest islands that have come before! Look to incorporate social interactions for sharing that holiday spirit, and/or break out icy items from the vault to get some truly wintery gameplay going.

Some of our favorite islands will be featured in a special Discover row in Winterfest 2022!

Fortnite Winterfest 2022 Callout

Island Design Guidelines

  • The holidays are a great time to welcome new Fortnite players. Help draw them to your island by making sure your island title and description are clear and understandable.

  • Put a nice bow on all the new things you’ve learned to build this past year by seeing how many new features you can include in your island! Prompt visitors to skate around with Chiller Grenades, disguise themselves as a Sneaky Snowman, or parkour their way through a winter wonderland. Perhaps host a melee and joust fight in an icy castle to crown a New Year’s champion — mash those devices together, folks!

  • Be creative with eliminations. Have your players fall victim to frosty lakes, get ambushed by snowmen, or meet their demise in other unexpected but thematic ways.

    • Games don’t have to be about eliminations, however, so think about multiplayer experiences for all genres or even create a single-player narrative to help people find the true meaning of the holidays. You choose!

  • We’re looking for:

    • Groundbreaking islands that utilize multiple newly-released devices (devices released in 2022).

    • Innovative and boundary-pushing designs.

      • As said above, we want to see newly-released devices in use!

      • Using older devices (devices released before 2022) in addition in novel ways is definitely encouraged.

    • Thoughtful level design. (See the “Level Design Best Practices” document for reference.)

Submission Criteria (and How to Submit)

Submission Criteria

  • Only one island per creator will be accepted.

  • Make sure your island follows the specified winter theme.

  • Islands should be fully functional and use devices well, set effective boundaries, and be highly polished. These qualities make for a better player experience and make your island more likely to be featured.

  • Prioritize innovation. (Islands should use multiple devices released in 2022.)

    • Never-before-seen island designs that push limits will certainly grab our attention.

  • Each submission requires a video overview.

    • Submission videos must show a fly-through of the entire island as well as one round of gameplay.

  • Submissions must be NEW islands.

    • Any island considered for featuring must have been published since the release of the Melee Designer device (August 30, 2022).

  • Promotional trailers are encouraged.

    • Including a captivating promotional trailer for your island is not required but highly encouraged. (Video overviews are required, however.)

How to Submit

The island submission window starts November 7, 2022, at 10 AM ET. During the submission window, submit your island through the Creative Content submission form, making sure to select the drop-down option for “Winterfest Callout.” Islands must be submitted before 4 PM ET on December 1, 2022.

Give the gift of a good time this Winterfest!