Light It Up Like Dynamite: BTS Arrives in Fortnite Party Royale!

The Fortnite Team

BTS is ready to light up Party Royale’s Main Stage for all partygoers. On Friday, September 25 at 8 PM EDT (Saturday, September 26 at 9 AM KST), jump into Party Royale for the world premiere of BTS’ explosive single “Dynamite” Music Video Choreography Version!    

Groove in BTS Style

Dance along to the music with two new Emotes choreographed by BTS. And use these Emotes beyond the show to bring some BTS style anywhere. These new moves will be available in the Item Shop starting September 23 at 8 PM EDT (September 24 at 9 AM KST).

Breaking out your BTS moves is easy. If you own these Fortnite Emotes, just head to the Locker tab in-game to make sure they’re equipped. Once they’re equipped, use them in Party Royale or elsewhere!

BTS on Repeat

Whether you can’t make it to the premiere or just want more BTS, join us for the rebroadcast on Saturday, September 26 at 8 AM EDT (9 PM KST) — happening again at the Main Stage!

How to Join the Party

Is this your first Party Royale event? If you need help joining the party, check out our guide for getting to the Main Stage in Party Royale. We recommend arriving early to the event.

And don’t let the mic drop just yet: after the premiere or rebroadcast, stick around at the Main Stage to listen to a run of BTS’ Dynamite Tropical Remix!

Recreate the Dynamite

You don’t have to wait until this weekend to partake in the festivities. Starting Tuesday, September 22 at 10 AM EDT (11 PM KST), jump into Fortnite Creative for a re-creation of the world of the original “Dynamite” music video — created by community members YU7A, TreyJTH, and SundayCW! Run around as if you were in the music video and complete challenges and minigames. Get the details on how to jump in at the re-creation’s Fortnite Creative webpage.

14PR BTS CreativeIsland 1920x1080

Content Creators, get fired up!

If you’re streaming the event live, be sure to check your channel’s platform policies for tips on how to avoid copyright strikes.

Attention YouTube Creators: All YouTube videos of the #DynaNite event in Fortnite will NOT receive VOD copyright claims for seven days following the show. After that, videos are subject to copyright claims.

NOTE: There will be about an hour where the Dynamite video premiered in Party Royale is exclusive to Fortnite prior to the official BTS upload of the video to their YouTube channel. Happy creating!