Lock in Your Chapter 2 - Season 2 Fortnite Agency and Maya Choices!

The Agency

You came highly recommended when you arrived. With training, you’ve gotten even better. And now The Agency’s very best look to you to decide their fate. Before the end of the Season (June 17), it’s your mission to lock in each Battle Pass agent’s identity.


A good agent stays shrouded in secrecy, which is why Maya is a master of disguise. After unlocking each of her customization options, over 3.8 million unique looks are possible. Select her hairstyle, clothing, and more to make Maya uniquely yours!


Despite his tough exterior, Brutus is consumed with an internal conflict of whether to join Ghost or Shadow. Make his decision for him!

Fortnite Brutus


With her explosively dangerous hobbies, some can be hesitant to enlist the help of TNTina. That’s why she needs you for a booming endorsement. Whether it’s Ghost or Shadow — that’s up to you.

TNTina Fortnite


Meowcles may have been kicked out of The Yacht, but his yarn keeps spinning — an accomplished future lies ahead of him with Ghost or Shadow. 

Meowscles Fortnite


Always looking forward to a new adventure, Skye would be thrilled to join either Ghost or Shadow. Her only condition is that her best friend Ollie can come with her. 

Skye Fortnite


With his espionage expertise and untold riches, you may be thinking that Ghost and Shadow need Midas more than Midas needs them. But no matter where he goes, he’ll find a way to benefit…

Midas Fortnite

A Gift from The Agency

As a thank you for playing Chapter 2 - Season 2, everyone who logs in from May 20 at 10 AM ET until the end of the Season will receive this free commemorative Loading Screen:

Commemorative Fortnite Loading Screen for Chapter 2 Season 2

Enjoy this memento and the rest of Chapter 2 - Season 2!

- The Agency