LTM Creator Contest - Find Out Who Won!

The Fortnite Team

Wow, you impressed us! For our first creator contest, the builder community delivered some of the best Islands we’ve seen to date. Collectively, you submitted over 5,500 LTMs in an 18-day window. There was an astonishing amount of diverse and fun ideas submitted. We established some key criteria to guide folks in their creative journey and kept an eye on games that delivered:

  • A 16-player experience
  • Quality map design
  • Pleasing aesthetics and visual themes
  • Interesting gameplay mechanics

Beach Assault by Prudiz hit all the marks and delivered a fun and fresh experience. Congrats to him! You can play it right now as an LTM in-game.

Future Opportunities

The LTM Creator Contest offered the first-ever chance for a creator’s work to be featured as an LTM. Now, that opportunity is open to everyone, all the time. We’ll be featuring many more Creative LTMs in the upcoming season. Keep submitting your best work to our submission form for a chance to have your work in the spotlight.

As we mentioned earlier, there will different types of opportunities for creators to participate in. Game Jams are a new and awesome way for the community to come together, collaborate and make connections. We’ll be hosting a series of Game Jams around the world in the coming months. Be on the lookout for more info from our social channels.

It’s important for us to stay connected with all of you and understand your vision for Creative. Let us know what kind of contests or events you would like to see us host in the future on social channels, Reddit, and on discord.

-The Fortnite Team